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Emulation (Games)

Emulating New Super Mario Bros. Wii At 1080p 76

Posted by Soulskill
from the super-high-def-mario dept.
KingofGnG writes "An impressive confirmation of the Dolphin Wii emulator's capabilities comes from a YouTube video, which shows off recently-added video clips of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in full HD. It demonstrates the growing compatibility of Dolphin with the latest games published for the Nintendo console."

Comment: Re:Frequent duplication is NOT the answer (Score 1) 611

by schweinhund (#28856963) Attached to: Best Home Backup Strategy Now?

Along these same lines I have been hoping to see that some Java wizard will create an applet for Azureus/Vuze that will run an MD5 checksum against the completed data and leave an MD5 file in the directory. That way I don't have to manually run MD5s manually since I include them with *everything*.

Something like this:

Torrent DL ==> Check Pieces ==> Completed ==> Run MD5 ==> Leave MD5 File

Another idea is a workable MD5 (+SHA1/*) checksum generator for X that supports drag and drop, queueing, etc. along the lines of the Win32 app hkSFV or md5summer. md5summer is not bad, but it needs drag and drop and context menus.

XBox (Games)

+ - Dutch TV program claims Xbox 360 scratches discs

Submitted by leomekenkamp
leomekenkamp (566309) writes "According to the Dutch TV consumer program 'Kassa' (cash register) Microsofts Xbox scratches discs. Microsoft claims the problem is caused by the customers themselves, because they do not put the gamecomputer on a stable place. The way MSFT handles these complains differs: some complainer get a new Xbox, others are told that 'it is not Microsoft's policy to have the Xbox make scratches'.

Original article in dutch is here, and you can also laugh about the engrish generated by babelfish/"

Tor Open To Attack 109

Posted by kdawson
from the peeling-the-onion dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A group of researchers have written a paper that lays out an attack against Tor (PDF) in enough detail to cause Roger Dingledine a fair amount of heartburn. The essential avenue of attack is that Tor doesn't verify claims of uptime or bandwidth, allowing an attacker to advertise more than it need deliver, and thus draw traffic. If the attacker controls the entry and exit node and has decent clocks, then the attacker can link these together and trace someone through the network."

+ - Know Your Enemy: Web Application Threats

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "From Honeynet.org:

The Honeynet Project & Research Alliance is pleased to announce the release of a new paper Know Your Enemy: Web Application Threats. This technical white paper provides behind the scenes information on various HTTP-based attacks against web applications, including remote file inclusion and exploitation of the PHPShell application. The paper is based on the research and data collected from the Chicago Honeynet Project, the New Zealand Honeynet Project and the German Honeynet Project during multiple honeypot compromises.

Along with the release of this paper, comes new functionality to the Google Hack Honeypot (GHH), used extensively in the paper. GHH now includes an automated malware collection function, as well as remote XML-RPC logging for SSL support."

+ - Amazing New Pictures of Spacecraft Above Mars

Submitted by
sighted writes "The European Space Agency's Rosetta probe, en route to a distant encounter with a comet, buzzed by Barsoom yesterday and took some striking and unusual pictures, including one that shows its own solar panel with Mars in the background. As it passed by the planet, Rosetta briefly took back up to six the number of active robotic missions exploring Mars, four in space and two on the ground."

TV Delays Driving AU Viewers To Piracy 394

Posted by kdawson
from the desperate-for-housewives dept.
Astat1ne writes in with a story in The Register about the delays Australian TV viewers are experiencing getting overseas-produced series and how this is driving many of them to download the shows via BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer networks. The problem is compounded by the fact that Australian viewers are unable to download legal copies of the episodes from the US iTunes website. Quoting: "According to a survey based on a sample of 119 current or recent free-to-air TV series, Australian viewers are waiting an average of almost 17 months for the first-run series first seen overseas. Over the past two years, average Australian broadcast delays for free-to-air television viewers have more than doubled from 7.9 to 16.7 months."
User Journal

Journal: Linux for the masses

Journal by chtank

I have a thought/question/idea:
Has anyone made a survey to determain who uses and runs with Linux LiveCD's. It seems that Ubuntu is the most popular but there seem to be tens if not hundreds of LiveCD desktops for Linux and even a few for (gasp) MS Windows. I have tried since S.u.S.E. Linux 5.2 to find a Linux distribution I was comfortable with using and one which I could feel competant using in place of Windows. It seemed to me that all Linux distrobution wanted me to learn the system

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