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Comment: time window is small (Score 1) 309

we've existed as a society with written record of societal knowledge for an very very tiny window of time..and most of that knowledge has since been lost anyhow. Seems entirely possible that even if the odds of intelligent life visiting/exploring Earth were 1.0, the odds of it happening in the past few hundred or few thousand years is still near zero.

Comment: not the whole universe (Score 1) 309

I think the point is that the Galaxy in which we live, or the portion of the Galaxy in which the Solar system resides, is very small relative to the time that has passed and which will continue to pass. Obviously the whole universe is a different story. Also, as the parent points out, not everything is moving away from everything else. At a local level, galaxies and stars are moving towards each other too.

Comment: Re:iPad is a luxury? (Score 3, Interesting) 303

by schlachter (#48924263) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

I hate it when people say the iPhone costs $200. I obviously does not. It costs between $650 and $1,050 depending on model. The phone company will let you put $200 down if you agree to finance the rest through them for 2 yrs.

When I leased my car for $0 down, my car was not free. I have 2 yrs of payments to make on it.

Comment: Re:Why the atheist mention? (Score 1) 327

It's important news that matters for nerds...because real nerds don't like seeing delusional whack jobs (i.e. Christians) in positions of power fighting science and progress. Having an Atheist is historic like having a historically persecuted minority in a position of power.

Comment: Re:only trying to help? (Score 1) 154

by schlachter (#48917189) Attached to: Uber Capping Prices During Snowmageddon 2015

Exactly my point. They are only trying to make money for themselves, and if exploiting a disaster make them more money, they will do that. Yet here we have people (like the OP) trying to claim that they are 'ensuring there are enough drivers'. Bullshit

No, he's claiming that capitalism...i.e. supply and demand...will ensure enough drivers as long as the sky is the limit on the rates that can be offered or charged. Putting a cap on rates will prevent that. His point has nothing to do with helping people...beyond the extent to which allowing supply and demand to take its natural course will help people meet their needs.

Comment: Re:Good example of bad use of touch screens (Score 1) 39

by schlachter (#48905469) Attached to: Inside Ford's New Silicon Valley Lab

My Nissan Leaf is setup like this. It's got a nice big color screen for information but dedicated buttons surrounding the screen. The buttons mostly have preassigned functions although they are context dependent. I love that I can operate my audio without looking but can get loads of info if I choose to look.

Don't know if I could ever be happy with a touch screen in my car.

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