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Comment: Re:the mac phenomenon (Score 1) 208

Here's a current gen deal: xbox 360 for $150
Deal has expired; but they come and go.

Oh, you mean the xbox one or PS4; well those are the latest gen, but xbox360/PS3 are still current gen.
In fact, they are much better consoles to own for now. More games. Cheap games. Used games available.

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There are more and more games that run on Macs now, at least on Steam (I'm not a Steam lover, but if you've got a mac it's a good way to go).

Not really. There's a small subset of games, typically at much higher price points and late to market. I get 25 games for free each yr with XBOX LIVE GOLD, and pick up many AAA titles for $5 to $15 via on demand sales.

Although if you've got a macbook pro, do you have money left over to buy a console?

You can find an xbox360 for $100 on ebay/craigslist these days...or get a new one for $200. It's not just money though, there's no updating it, no viruses, no booting up and shutting down, no installing games, etc. It just works. And if it does break, just toss it or sell it on ebay and buy a new one. No need to spend hours/days trying to resurrect it.

Comment: the mac phenomenon (Score 1) 208

In the old days, we all had windows desktops which could be modded and used to play games in addition to it's usual uses.

Now all the kids (and myself) only own Mac laptops, and don't want to buy a windows desktop just to game.

So the easy choice is to drop $200 no a game console to augment the Mac.

Comment: $1500 light bulb (Score 1) 196

by schlachter (#47373697) Attached to: The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

My dad just had to buy a new light bulb for his very high end home theater projector. He said the bulb was $1,500. I know you could buy a projector for that price, but his particular projector ranges in price from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on it makes sense to buy the replacement bulb.

Comment: LED cost (Score 1) 196

by schlachter (#47371763) Attached to: The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

Would like to outfit my home with LED bulbs but the cost of swapping out all the bulbs in my home came in around $2,000.

Could go with CFL for about $300 but they are pretty toxic if they break, causing brain damage and what not, especially for kids, so not ok with that.

Anyone else replaced all their lighting with LED?

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200 yrs ago we proved electric cars were viable (
2000 yrs ago we proved steam engines worked (

This doesn't diminish the significance of it as a useful product.

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