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Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

If by tiny you mean 150,000+ because that's how many Leafs have been sold in 4 years on the market, and the numbers go up each year. Prices will come down and rebates will go away in a few short years.

It's got heated steering wheel, heated front and REAR seats.
XM radio. USB input. iphone controls. bluetooth.
HEAT PUMP based heat/air
rear view camera.
remote control via cell phone
Faster than most 6 cylinder sedans (off the line)
nav, touch screen, around view (4 cameras) bose stereo

Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

AFFORDABLE is not the same as GOOD VALUE, and the latter is somewhat subjective.

It is AFFORDABLE for hundreds of millions of people across the world.


Yes. It's $22,500 after rebates. And no way can you buy a similar car for half the cost. Possibly 2/3 the cost. But that's a stretch. And for give up a lot...

Silent propulsion. No filling up. No maintenance (no oil, no transmission, no engine etc). Excellent acceleration. Smooth drive.

Plus it's got options that MANY $30K cars do not have, let along $20K cars.

Comment: Re:That's my problem (Score 1) 141 141

There are already tens of millions of people paying this amount. So people will certainly pay. The question is how many will pay this amount? I think the business model for streaming music is still in flux.

I personally think $120/yr for access to all music in the world at all times is absurdly good value...but it is a luxury that not everyone wants to afford.

Comment: Re:anti-semites and conspiracy theorists come out (Score 1) 312 312

You can call me an anti-semite or a conspiracy theorist if you want - I'm vehemently neither. I can separate the machinations of the state of Israel and the Jewish faith and its followers, and know that an attack on the government is not an attack on the religion or its practitioners.

Of course. You sound reasonable. I'm not referring to people who attack government policies. Many Israeli's themselves do that. However, many of the protestors/activists I've observed are calling for the destruction of the state and the killing of it's Jewish/Christian/Muslim/Druze/Bahi citizens.

A recent example was when the Israeli Judo team when to Morocco a couple weeks back, the people in the stands at the event screamed "we're going to murder you. you'll never get out of this country alive" and the event organizers needed to organize a military escort for the team just to get them out of the country. Sounds extreme, but shit like this happens every other day.

Comment: anti-semites and conspiracy theorists come out (Score 1) 312 312

I've seen interviews from the ME where many people claim that ISIS was created by Israel and is being commanded by Israel to take over the ME. Yup. That's just what Israel Islamic Caliphate surrounding/invading their country.

Anti-Israel is the new anti-Jew. If only the Jews would all die, the world would go back to being the happy loving peaceful place it was prior to 3,000 years ago when the Jews established the state of goes the core meme...of deranged, deluded, and evil people the world over.

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