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Comment: Re:Wait, what? (Score 5, Informative) 389

This would be a very valid rant if the reporting here were correct. The car wasn't trying to park--it wasn't controlling itself. From T 2nd FA: "It seems they are trying to demonstrate pedestrian detection and auto-braking", which is what he didn't pay for. Even that feature is overridden if you keep pressing down on the gas. This is entirely driver error.

+ - Prey anti-theft releases new, re-written version->

Submitted by schitso
schitso writes: The anti-theft app Prey recently notified its subscribers of a new version, "long rethought, obsessively redesigned, and fully rewritten from the ground up." The biggest upgrades are a new UI (finally), real-time responses from devices, and "a leaner, faster, more secure client." More details in the linked mailer.
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Comment: Re:Be a man (Score 1) 642

by schitso (#48458119) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

The attitude that women are worse than men means that men being more like women makes them an object of derision

Your bias towards women is showing, even if you don't consciously realize that you have it. Men acting like women or being accused of acting like women is a form of derision. Women acting like men or being accused of acting like men is a form of derision. Compassion is positive in women, and negative in men. Assertiveness is positive in men, and negative in women. There is no attitude that women are worse than men. There is no attitude that men are worse than women. There is an attitude of sticking to your gender role and striving to be the embodiment of it while shaming those more towards the middle than you are, or with more crossover than you.

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