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Journal: Hungarian Notation

Journal by sceptre1067

I have this love/hate relationship with it...

I think is is usefull for constants, globals, and gui components (e.g. mVar is global, kVar is constant, btnVar is a abutton, tbVar some sort of text box thought to be clear I prefer txbxVar... etc.)

But it just drives me buggy when somebody wants all datatypes, arrays, database types, xml types, etc. done up in Hungarian...

So I have to type nodVar as opposed to varNode for an xml node... but for my poor brain typing out the word node, so I know what it is doesn't seem that bad versus prepending with nod... and on it goes....

do I really need to know something is a string, integer, double, or float??? I'm a big boy, I'll go look at the declarations.

O.k. I know some languages allow the creation of vars on the fly (Perl comes to mind, or old time lotus script with $var for a string.) But with C style languages, one can go look at the declaration...



Journal: Dementia

Journal by sceptre1067

So... My mother-in-law appears to be going downhill fast...

Long story short:
Over 6 months ago her blood pressure shot through the roof, with out warning, causing short term memory issues... (Allegedley she did not have a stroke... but...)

Since then she has had good days and bad days, but over the last two months they're all bad... She doen't remember how to use basic machines (like a laundry machine.) And the doctores are pretty sure she has dementia.

My personal guess is that we are looking at some form of brain damage caused by the blood pressure incident and/or inconsistant taking of medications she is on.

So, if any body sees this, know of an expert on the topic? In other words any ideas as to what the medical world might have up its sleave?


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