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Comment: Re:It's not about money (Score 1) 274

by scenic (#19529533) Attached to: Bill to Bring A La Carte, Indecency Regs to Cable
Dude, that's not true. ESPN charges over 2 dollars a subscriber for every subscriber that has access to ESPN. Since it's on most basic tiers, that means that ALL of you are contributing 2+ dollars per month to ESPN. Since it's one of the biggest reasons a large group of people get cable, it makes sense for the cable companies and ESPN. But that dollar amount (around 100 mil households, IIRC * 12 * 2.70) is billions. Now, ESPN is in it's own price bracket for basic cable, but even if you dropped that to .50 or .25, it's still hundreds of millions. getting on basic cable can be a sweet deal for popular channels. I'm not sure where the bottom is on subscriber fees, so maybe there are a lot of channels that are in the pennies range or part of a bundle that costs .50 or a dollar. It would be great for cable companies to disclose these fees so consumers would understand what was going into their bills. Sujal

Future of Maglev in the US Military 268

Posted by Zonk
from the vroooooom dept.
The Hippy of Death writes "An article at The Weekly Standard discusses the current maglev research being funded by the US military. From the article: 'But what if you could drastically reduce the amount of noise a ship makes directly at the source? ...Vibration & Sound Solutions Limited suggested placing mag-lev sensors at the source of the electromagnetic fields, such as motors. The idea was to actually levitate the machinery with an array of electromagnets while using a small amount of power.'"

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