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Comment: Re:Stop (Score 1) 349

by scdeimos (#46457971) Attached to: Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites Inaccessible on Comcast

"Stop using your ISP's DNS" is not always the right answer.

If I use Google's public DNS servers it breaks content distribution networks like Akamai. For example, if I use Google Public DNS then * addresses for iOS and OSX updates resolve to IPs inside NTT (Tokyo, Japan) and downloads are exceedingly slow (high latency, dropped packets, etc.). If I use my ISP's DNS server it just so happens they host a set of Akamai nodes and the * addresses will resolve to IPs only 2 or 3 hops away, so downloads will saturate my SDSL connection.

Comcast should just acknowledge that they've fucked up and fix their servers.


South Carolina Woman Jailed After Failing To Return Movie Rented Nine Years Ago 467

Posted by samzenpus
from the beyond-the-late-fee dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Could you imagine being arrested for failing to return a movie you rented 9-years earlier? Well that's just what happened to one South Carolina woman. 'According to a Feb 13 arrest report, 27-year-old Kayla Finley rented Monster-in-Law in 2005 from now defunct video store Dalton video. The woman failed to return the video within the 72 hour rental limit, eventually leading up to her arrest 9 years later.'"

Comment: Re:So everybody here was confused? (Score 1) 251

by scdeimos (#46240813) Attached to: 'CandySwipe' Crushed: When Game Development Turns Nasty
Just a casual browsing of the iTunes App Store makes me wonder what the real story is. If you click on Show All Versions for each of the free/paid iPhone/iPad versions of CandySwipe they were first published in May 2012 (not even close to 2010), abandoned, then there were updates to all of them around 27/28 Jan 2014, and now there is all this debate. Was there a PC/Android version published earlier?

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by scdeimos (#46240645) Attached to: Australian Police Deploy 3D Crime Scene Scanner

Yeah, describing it as "handheld" is kind of misleading. The photo in TFA shows *just* the handheld part, there's a much larger piece of equipment attached via cable and worn backpack-style...

Comment: Bad analogy (Score 1) 76

by scdeimos (#46240549) Attached to: China's Jade Rabbit Fights To Come Back From the Dead

Should Jade Rabbit make a full recovery, it would cap another success for space exploration, which has seen NASA's Opportunity Mars rover, currently exploring the red planet, far outlast its expected lifespan."

Opportunity far outlived its projected 90 day operational lifetime. Jade Rabbit was supposed to go 3 months and has already gone belly-up just a month into it.

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by scdeimos (#45823185) Attached to: Intel Releases 5,000 Pages of Open-Source Haswell Documentation

Put a hardware driver author in front of a documentation pack and a compiler, and tell him to write a driver, and he'll tell you to fuck off.

My how things have changed. I remember being handed register documentation for StarPort 16-, 32- and 64-port serial cards and being asked to write FOSSIL drivers for them. And I had to supply my own compiler and logic analyser.

Comment: Re:Encryption *IS* better than hashing (Score 2) 230

by scdeimos (#45341167) Attached to: Stolen Adobe Passwords Were Encrypted, Not Hashed

If you only use hashing then, yes, you are open to Rainbow Table attacks because common passwords can be immediately exposed.

But hashing is not salted hashing. Best practice uses salted hashing with a unique salt for each user, thus making Rainbow Table attacks useless - you have to generate a whole new set of Rainbow Tables for each known salt which is a whole lot more work for an attacker.

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by scdeimos (#45295011) Attached to: Book Review: <em>Stay Awhile and Listen</em>

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans put real-time strategy on the map, and Diablo set the standard for action RPGs.

Bullshit. Warcraft launched in 1994, following Dune and Dune II (1992). The Dunes in turn were influenced by TechnoSoft's Herzog (1988) and Herzog Zwei (1989) on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive consoles. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.

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