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Comment: Re:When will we... (Score 2) 266

Power is now so contemptibly disconnected from justice that only when people have finally had enough and heads start rolling will any attempt to apologize feel needed to be made.

Those people just about live in their own insulated world now with its' own rules that apply only to them.

Comment: Re:Further Cowardice Encouragement (Score 1) 188

by scarboni888 (#47445257) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

Schools and churches.

Weddings, funerals, Abu-Grhaib, Guantanamo, and extra-judicial killings of American citizens who are NOT an immediate threat from any sane realm of perspective.

Seems like neither side has a line they won't cross.

And I never said anything about Americans: YOU did.

This isn't about WHO is right.

This is about WHAT'S right.

And pussies who pull triggers when they're not being attacked ain't right.

Irregardless of what piece of shit rag they fly.

Comment: Just Great! (Score 1) 55

by scarboni888 (#47086899) Attached to: Google Rumored To Be Making 3D-Scanning Tablets

Oh - so now the thieves will be able to PIRATE 3D reality too!! At what dimension will a stop be put to the madness??

You can't go around copying shit people. It infringes on to the rights of those that don't want you to be doing that!! So stop it!! Don't buy these things no matter what evil google would encourage.

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by scarboni888 (#47002437) Attached to: Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

The oxidation stops and that single layer is 'permanent' ONLY IF the insulating layer of oxide isn't disturbed.

I just had to purchase a new wheel for my bicycle because the aluminum rim was getting eaten through by the oxidation.

Keep in mind I live in Canada and ride straight through the winters and all kinds of inclement weather. My suspicion is that the water was seeping through the spoke holes and therefore continually washing away the insulating layer of aluminum oxide and upon inspection of the process it seemed to me that somehow the salt was assisting to accelerate the process.

I bought the bike brand new in 2007 and visually confirmed the severe deterioration of the aluminum myself a couple weeks ago when the wheel was replaced and it was replaced for that reason: it was so bad it became a safety concern.

Up until then I - like you - assumed such a thing could not happen due to the nature of aluminum oxidation. But you must remember aluminum oxidizes EVEN MORE READILY than steel it's just that the insulating layer USUALLY protects it. You get something constantly washing away that insulating layer and you're getting a disintegrating piece of aluminum!

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Sounds like some kind of communist scam designed to cut into the nicotinoid producers. We've seen this sort of anti-democratic behavior before what with the chlorofluorocarbons, leaded gasoline, DDT, asbestos and the like. Pretty soon it'll be nobody can make an honest buck anymore!!

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