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Comment: Re:gmail plus sign postfix (Score 1) 388

by sayno2quat (#45940449) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

The issue with gmail in particular is that a) it is unable to filter according to the actual recipient address used and

Sure you can. But you can't use the TO:"" field in the filter. Instead, use the field Has the words:"". The "deliveredto" will match the exact email address for the adressee, while the "to" field just matches the email after it has been resolved from email+filter to email.

b) it is impossible with any webmail I know to have incoming emails rejected, in particular combined with a)...

You can do plenty of things, such as applying a label, marking it as spam, etc. But you're right that you can't send a rejection email; you'd need to control the smtp server to do that.

Comment: Re:It is supposed to change (Score 1) 233

by sayno2quat (#44970527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Has Gmail's SSL Certificate Changed, How Would We Know?

Once the certificates are changed, it should be considered best practice to rotate the server key as well, so the new certificate will always be signing a different key from the previous certificate.

I've not heard this before. I'm curious to why this would be considered best practice. What reasons are there to cause one to want to generate a new key instead of reusing the old one?

Comment: Re:Orbital Envoirment Protection Agency.... (Score 1) 47

by sayno2quat (#43621729) Attached to: NASA's Fermi Spacecraft Dodged a Defunct Russian Satellite

The GP has a point. The GGP states they have little relative velocity, which means they would have to have the same inclination. A geosynchronous satellite that is moving in the opposite direction is going to have a ton of relative velocity and would have disastrous results in the event of a collision.

So perhaps the GPP meant geostationary (or close to it), not just geosyncronous (if the only definition of that is the satellite has a 1-day orbit). However, I am not an astrologer or any sort of scientist, so correct me if I am making incorrect assumptions.

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