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Comment Re:Sports (Score 1) 697

Get an antenna then you can watch local sports in HD for free.

That's not entirely true. I am a Yankees fan (I know, I know). Since most yankee games are on the YES network, a cable only channel, I can't watch Yankee games from an antenna. There is MLB.TV but you can only use that to watch out of market games. So sports is what's keeping me hooked on cable. I watch most other things from my desktop connected to the DVI port on my TV on hulu in HD.


Submission Canadian Fed Network Attacked from Chinese Servers->

An anonymous reader writes: The CBC is reporting that "the Canadian government from China has given foreign hackers access to highly classified federal information, and forced at least two key departments off the internet." The report, citing "highly placed sources", says the attackers "apparently managed to take control of computers in the offices of senior government executives as part of a scheme to steal the key passwords that unlock entire government data systems." It is unknown at this time whether the perpetrators were Chinese, or simply another nationality routing through China.
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Comment Re:No ex post facto laws (Score 1) 281

Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US 137 (1803), was the first case in which the Supreme Court declared an Act of Congress unconstitutional. The Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice John Marshall, ruled that Congress overstepped its authority by giving the Court authority to issue writs of mandamus for US government officials, a power not specifically enumerated by Article III of the Constitution. The decision invalidated Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789.

In fact, I specifically remember reading in a textbook that John Marshall was waiting for a member of congress to challenge this power of the judiciary, but that didn't happen. And as another poster said, this is 1803. The framers of the constitution were still in office at this time. If they didn't agree with this power of the SCOTUS they would have challenged it.

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