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Wireless Networking

+ - Rage Against the Smart Meter - Technology Review->

Submitted by wjousts
wjousts (1529427) writes "As utilities are rolling out smart meters, electric meters that use wireless radios to transmit data on electricity usage back to the utility, some in Maine are objecting.

Technology Review reports:

Friedman, who carries a radio-frequency analyzer that emits frightening crackles around cell phones and Wi-Fi routers, says smart meters are a dangerous idea. They are an invasion of privacy and might even cause illness, he has alleged in a legal complaint set to be heard by the Maine Supreme Court next month.


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+ - Cisco will create 115 jobs in €26m investment->

Submitted by alancronin
alancronin (1171375) writes "Over 100 new engineering positions will be created at Cisco’s R&D facility over the next two years in a major €26 million expansion.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny confirmed the new jobs at a conference at the multinational’s headquarters this morning, revealing that recruitment commenced in the latter half of 2011 and is continuing in multiple product and technology areas.

The investment is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland and will expand the mandate of the Cisco Galway R&D centre into new business areas in communication and collaboration software technology, including enterprise and cloud enabled desktop, mobile applications, desktop virtualisation and real-time web communications.

[Disclaimer: I am a Cisco employee]"

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+ - Facebook To Announce New "Lifesaving" Feature-> 1

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redletterdave writes "On Monday, ABC News released a teaser for an upcoming "Good Morning America" exclusive wit Mark Zuckerberg, who invited GMA's Robin Roberts to Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto to share a "feature that could save lives." It's highly unlikely that the "lifesaving" feature Zuckerberg referred to would relate to something so frivolous as shopping or gaming or networking; the fact that the announcement will be made on "Good Morning America" suggests it's not a major piece of technology — that would be saved for the f8 Developer's Conference — but it's big enough for a one-on-one interview at Facebook HQ. All things considered, this new "lifesaving" feature most likely relates to bullying and suicide prevention, and Facebook will likely announce a change to its software that relates to these initiatives. It could be that Facebook has finally created an algorithm that can detect suicidal thoughts or expressions: Even though nobody knows users better than their friends or family, users can shield themselves from even loved ones with certain privacy settings. The feature may raise some eyebrows, but it would also save the lives of bullied children, teenagers, and also their parents."
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