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Comment Re: Build timestamps mess this up (Score 1) 130

__FILE__ has a similar effect, as it refers to absolute path. Absolute build paths would also be have to be created deterministically, no temp directories or anything like that. And then, make sure everything that gets linked in statically, including the toolchain bits follow the same rules.

Comment Build timestamps mess this up (Score 1, Informative) 130

Unless you freeze system time for the full duration of the build, every piece of code that builds in __TIME__ or __DATE__ macros, will screw with this. Other environment macros injected into the build ( like git revision etc ) as well.

Comment Re:This pretty much sums up IoT ... (Score 2) 149

No, i wasn't saying its going to help you or anyone else. What i was saying is that at the abstract level, its simply a local optimization vs global optimization issue.
Whether this optimization is feasible or can work for any given problem with any given implementation is a different matter altogether.

An unconnected device/thing can at best perform local optimization because it simply does not have larger context and information, global optimization cannot be performed.

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