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by satuon (#47522825) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

I can't agree with that even in principle. That's like asking others to take advantage of you. Of course you should care for your own people more than for strangers, that's basic common sense. Everyone should know where he belongs (the Us), and where he does not belong (the Them).

That's true even today. I think Slavs should stand together, because I doubt the West cares about us as much as we do.

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by satuon (#47506487) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

While I understand what you mean, I prefer not to play with word definitions. For me, spoken language is a democratic process, and words mean what the majority of people believe them to mean. That's how language develops. It's called semantic shift. If the majority of people have the "wrong" definition, then it perhaps the word has simply shifted its meaning, and it's time to acknowledge that.

That said, what is the colloquial meaning of socialism? How does the common man on the street define it? I'm from Eastern Europe, and here for example, anyone you ask will tell you that socialism mean the way things were in the Warsaw Pact - a one-party state, propaganda, jobs provided by the state, and all life organized by the state. Nobody here would call Norway socialist. In fact, most people here would simply call them a capitalist country, because to us, any country West of the Warsaw Pact, including Norway, was simply a capitalist country. Socialism meant Us, and capitalism meant Them, and Norway wasn't part of Us.

Of course, that's what socialism means in Eastern Europe, perhaps it has a slightly different meaning in America.

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Separatist have motive - they are trying to shoot Ukrainian military planes

I agree to that, I had come to say the same. The whole thing doesn't make sense if done intentionally by Russia, because it makes them look bad - they don't gain anything from it.

The most likely thing is that they mistook the civilian plane for military, and just shot.

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Yes, ultimately they were all "consenting adults". But did the board act against the shareholders' interests? Ultimately, it's the shareholders who appoint the board, so even then they should blame only themselves.

As Stalin said "Cadres are a key to everything" - meaning be careful who you appoint to what. The shareholders should have thought about who they are appointing as directors, and the board (if the shareholders appointed them well) should have thought about who they appoint as CEO.

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the disasters are already happening

But those "disasters" are insignificant. They are more like warnings than real catastrophes. Even if there is bad weather, it hasn't caused people to go hungry yet. If that happens, they'll start paying attention. Oh, and I mean going hungry in America and Europe, not in Africa.

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