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by satuon (#47564205) Attached to: Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus?

This reminds me of SRWare Iron then, where the author admitted that he had changed some random strings to hide how little difference there really was (just some different defaults), and that he had went to forums to build hype about how Big Brother is watching you through Chrome (which amounted to the address bar suggestions).

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If those attacks continue, and if they cause damage, people will start paying attention and will change the way their OS is secured. I think that the Android OS has it right - no user-generated files should be executable in any way, including scripts. You have 2 partitions - one that is executable, but only admins can write to it, and one that the user can write in, but nothing is executable there.

Comment: What is the business case of SpaceX? (Score 1) 114

by satuon (#47544173) Attached to: SpaceX Executive Calls For $22-25 Billion NASA Budget

Since we're talking about SpaceX, what is the business case of the first "private" space company? Do they plan on being a space tourism company? Or do they intend to make all their money being a government contractor? I fail to see any other possible customers for their services, unless space mining is something more than a pipe dream.

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I can't agree with that even in principle. That's like asking others to take advantage of you. Of course you should care for your own people more than for strangers, that's basic common sense. Everyone should know where he belongs (the Us), and where he does not belong (the Them).

That's true even today. I think Slavs should stand together, because I doubt the West cares about us as much as we do.

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While I understand what you mean, I prefer not to play with word definitions. For me, spoken language is a democratic process, and words mean what the majority of people believe them to mean. That's how language develops. It's called semantic shift. If the majority of people have the "wrong" definition, then it perhaps the word has simply shifted its meaning, and it's time to acknowledge that.

That said, what is the colloquial meaning of socialism? How does the common man on the street define it? I'm from Eastern Europe, and here for example, anyone you ask will tell you that socialism mean the way things were in the Warsaw Pact - a one-party state, propaganda, jobs provided by the state, and all life organized by the state. Nobody here would call Norway socialist. In fact, most people here would simply call them a capitalist country, because to us, any country West of the Warsaw Pact, including Norway, was simply a capitalist country. Socialism meant Us, and capitalism meant Them, and Norway wasn't part of Us.

Of course, that's what socialism means in Eastern Europe, perhaps it has a slightly different meaning in America.

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