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Comment Stop listening to all the shit, Whip out your dick (Score 2) 242

That's motherfucking right. Don't listen to shit like "you must know all the new languages". Really ? What the fuck does any language have that C++ does not. I know Assembler, C, C++ and perl. I dare someone here to tell me that I need a new language. I double dare you! When I go to some interview I make them cry like babies. I was there when there was no Solaris, just SunOS. I started with Solaris 2.3. I wrote my own device drives for Linux Kernel 0.9xxx. Who the fuck will try and make me feel bad about how old I am. I forgotten more than most people know.

Be confident in your knowledge. Do not go the interview feeling sorry for yourself. You have experience, knowledge people skills. Be proud. Never show fear.
Walk in there and whip out your dick. On your dick you have a tattoo of all the Linux kernel versions.

Who gives a flying fuck about Python and PHP and Ruby and Java shit. You know C and C++. Fuck everybody else.
Thank you for listening

Comment Screw you, BBC (Score 2) 164

Screw you, BBC. My little girl is in tears you idiots. I live in NYC and I am the proud Dad of a 7 year old Dr. Who fanatic. As soon as I saw this I told my little girl and we were both so excited to play this game. Then, we got the stupid "you must be in the UK" message.

Really BBC? I am so disappointed. There are hard core Dr. Who fans who live outside the UK.
Don't do this to your fans!

Comment Love our brave vets (Score 1) 115

I have a nice suggestion for you. Get a beagleboard (
Use it to learn Linux and linux programming.
Also use it to learn Android. Write yourself an Android app.

Guess what? You can get a really, really good job. In the NYC
market, Android devs start at 75k.


beagleboard plus accessories: $100.
6 months of learning.

That's it. Good luck.

Comment Motherfucka (Score 1) 548

I wish I knew that one day the Kim Kardashian iPhone app would be number 1 in the App Store and based on sales it is on track to make 200 million dollars
(Yesterday's Business News).

If I knew this, I would make the right decision to join a doomsday cult because the end times are here. Or I would drop out of school and become a gangster.
Fuck it. Engineering or Computer science for 4 miserable years... Not worth it kids!

Comment Re:You got me DC, you motherfuckers. (Score 2) 249

Listen, I get what you're saying. But this is DC comics for crying out loud.
They make comic books. Young boys/girls read these and they live as super heroes
for a few moments in their lives.

DC is selling dreams to the youngest and young at heart.

I guess there are no more dreams. Corporations have sucked all the money
and anything of value from our once great country. I guess it is only right that
they also destroy our dreams.

Let me take a moment to mourn for our nation.

Comment Re:Let me attempt to translate for you guys (Score 1) 250

I will stick with my original analysis. Like I said above, people depend on Truecrypt to keep their secrets and if those secrets are found, people can die! I am not crazy here. This is the world we live in.

Everything related to Truecrypt must be dissected carefully. Snowden proved to us all that we cannot be over paranoid.
Think about it. Prior to Snowden, if I told you that the NSA processed all data between Google's datacenters, also Yahoo, MS ...
would you believe me ?

Comment Re:Let me attempt to translate for you guys (Score 1) 250

Dude, you hit the nail on the head!

The NSA revelations have made everyone very paranoid.
Maybe that's what the NSA is really after.
However, the fact that Snowden trusted Truecrypt says something.

On the other hand, maybe Snowden is a double agent and he only released
low level intelligence so someone out there stops trusting their Truecrypt
volume and decrypt it. Then the NSA can get their hands on the real
data: The plan of the Aliens and the Illuminati to take over the world.

Only joking... I hope

You are false data.