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Comment: Re:And still plane do crash into each other (Score 1) 712

by sashako (#29297349) Attached to: Has the Rate of Technical Progress Slowed?
It was fedex or dhl cargo plane crashed into Russian passenger plane full with children, crashed because of air controller mistake. Air controller's orders have the highest priority, and it should be so as he sees the full picture. Later father of one of the children died in the crash came and killed air traffic controller responsible, then got jailed, then moved to Russian jail, now than later freed.

Comment: Re:Android have problem of it's own (Score 1) 111

by sashako (#29228183) Attached to: Augmenting Reality With Your Mobile Phone
It's not possible with J2ME (I've tried last summer with N82 and failed exactly as you've described. But Android is different story. Now I can do complex tracker-less recognition once every second while simultaneously rendering 3D scene on top of camera output and processing user input with 20FPS. All in Android Java. Should be even better with NDK. P.S. Your tower defence game is great, I have it on my cell since it was released first :)
Media (Apple)

Apple's Terms No Longer Allow ITMS Purchases Outside of US 319

Posted by timothy
from the just-a-test-to-see-if-you're-reading-the-terms dept.
JasonDT writes "I just accepted the new terms of service for iTunes and found that I will no longer be allowed to access US iTunes outside of the United States. This may seem like no big deal but, I am a US citizen living abroad and I regularly purchase and view TV and movies from AppleTV. Not to mention US citizens just traveling abroad. Does anyone know if this has been enforced or have themselves been affected by this?"

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