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Comment: Nuclear Fission is Foolish Stupidity in Action (Score 1) 148

by sarku (#46445613) Attached to: 3 Years Later: A Fukushima Worker's Eyewitness Story
Whoops, I said it on Slashdot. What astounds me is the number of supposedly smart people who have their heads in the sand, and use the intellectual powers to rationalize away their profound fears that this Fukushima accident was a deadly mistake and is indicative of the stupidity of the whole idea that highly radioactive materials, and tons and tons of it, can be stored safely, indefinitely, and without any consequence to the health of the planet. You smart people sure are dumb

Comment: Re:That's an easy one (Score 1) 683

by sarku (#40555785) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Implications of Finding the Higgs Boson?
Wow, that's the most sane and possibly courageous thing I've seen posted on Slashdot...ever. At either end of the rhetorical see-saw are usually people who are too lazy, selfish, or timid to stand against to the absurd fundamentalism of religion or the narrow dogmatism of materialistic science. Including the existence of God as the highest intelligence and overcontroller of the universe sets one on the course of integrating all aspects of human life, including science and faith. Faith is confidence. If you're confident that God does want humanity to learn about the environment they're in, and the facts of physical existence, it is not inconsistent in any way to also assume that God would also like us to use that knowledge to take care of one another, and not be cruel, greedy, mechanistic, and sociopathic or to just give in to the banality of human evil. Humans have both left and right brains which have remarkably different functions. The most "intelligent" humans are the ones who have a higher degree of integration between left and right hemispheres, analysis and synthesis, time and space. Leaving God out of the equation is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to science. So what the Higgs Boson is confirmed? Is it going to lead to a better life for millions of suffering humans? Or is it going to make corporate and government psychopaths more powerful?

Comment: Ostriches (Score 1) 201

by sarku (#40093005) Attached to: Little Health Risk Seen From Fukushima's Radioactivity

It blows my mind how many "scientifically" minded people there are on Slashdot, and yet, so many people who are scared to think outside of the box. I guess that's the problem with overspecialization.

Comment: iNuke (Score 1) 148

by sarku (#37521348) Attached to: Is Apple Moving iPad Production to Brazil?
How about the fucking radiation pouring out of Fukushima? Japan? It's a goner. It would be more merciful at this point if a giant earthquake or tsunami wiped out the whole continent. Less suffering, no horrible birth defects, no prolonged (or swift) and agonizing deaths due to radiation poisoning, no parents having to watch their kids die. Nuclear power? I call bullshit.

Comment: Flash Anyone (Score 1) 260

by sarku (#37035886) Attached to: Mozilla's Nightingale: Why Firefox Still Matters
Gee, "siloed environments." Looks like Flash still has a future. Apple's reason for killing Flash? It makes their platform irrelevant. If you can 'write once, run anywhere' who needs to buy a Mac for their "apps?" Please, let go of the technical arguments of why Flash sucks. Those are technical issues which can be overcome, but the real issues of greed and profit? Much harder to surmount.

Comment: Re:It's not the only protocol that does this... (Score 1) 199

by sarku (#36326464) Attached to: Google WebRTC: Can It Replace Skype?

Adobe's RTMFP has had this ability for years now, and they've since developed it further to include peer-to-peer rebroadcasting.

Except... it requires Flash, which is a dirty word around these parts.

Nice. Except that to really use RTMFP for peer to peer connections outside your LAN you have to cough up $40,000 for Flash Media Server Enterprise.

The Almighty Buck

+ - Adobe Files Suit Against Wowza->

Submitted by sarku
sarku (2047704) writes "It finally happened. Adobe filed suit recently against Wowza, the maker of a competing (and most developers would say better) media server. Adobe, of course, inherited the Flash Media Server from the Macromedia merger. FMS, which was once an exciting new product with tremendous potential, has been removed from the reach of the average developer or small business by its exorbitant price tag, while Wowza has filled that gap with an affordable and flexible streaming server, which seems to be gouging Adobe's FMS profit margin."
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