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Comment Re:How do developers survive between bonuses? (Score 1) 494

I actually work for a company that pays me similar to this. I get payed $20/hr for 20 hours a week (really not that much money for where i live) then I get a bonus for the projects (usually 50%). Of this 50% I usually give half to the sys admin since we're an ASP and I believe he deserves part of it. My job differs however from what the troll GP posted where the companies pay a retainer, and I recieve half of that retainer, then I get half of the payement on completion (along w/ any other resales of whatever I designed). The only problem with this is when the sales, support, and collections staff sucks and either the client doesn't pay the final payement, the support staff is always asking questions or promising alterations will be made, or the sales staff just can't sell or resell anything. As far as the stress goes, the environment is really relax, basically come in whenever I want as long as I make scheduled meetings, no real office politics, etc. If it wasn't so relaxed however, I would be totally stressed out all the time from the deadlines and dealing w/ retarded customers.

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