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Comment: Don't forget the DECENT Multimedia games (Score 1) 374

by saramakos (#44945351) Attached to: <em>Myst</em> Was Supposed To Change the Face of Gaming. What Is Its Legacy?
What I find sad is that so many people raving about Myst/Riven forget the classics that did "multimedia" gaming right - Under a Killing Moon, Pandora Directive, Tex Murphy: Overseer. In my opinion these remain the pinnacle of that era's gaming.

Comment: Re:Oh this is going to be popular... (Score 1) 283

by saramakos (#34979042) Attached to: Sony Planning Serial Keys For PS3 Games?
Even better when AFTER doing all that, the game crashes at the first save and then never works again.... I am looking at you Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. After getting if for Christmas I have still never successfully played the damn game :/

I bought the disk copy to save space on my limited HDD... I feel like an idiot now!

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