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Comment Re:Who'll spit on my burger?! (Score 1) 870

What is the price of each of those robots? I see the Kirkland brand so it looks like only a company as big as Costco can pull it off. So for the rest of the economy this looks unrealistic because:
  • - Huge barriers of entry (high capital investments)
  • - Not all businesses have a warehouse

It does save cost, automakers cannot live without them. It's the little things that small businesses cannot automate and need a human in the middle to sort it out.

Comment Re:Erm, ok. (Score 1) 477

The best telecommuting that I've seen is to have all team members connected on messenger/chat. Questions and notices are pop immediately on the screen, obviously hoping for very quick response. For more deep conversation a cam to cam chat was initiated and I think now is possible to make a group video chat. Funny thing is this is used also in the same office building.

Comment Re:Continuous Integration (Score 1) 598

Feature integration is always a pain because the developer working on it does not accommodate the rest of the team working on the trunk. Instead of documenting, informing the team of what changed, validating parameters and processing exceptions it is the rest of the team that have to accommodate HIM/HER like if they were royalty! These devs have to understand that half of the work on these features is the integration effort needed to prevent breaking the code already checked in.

Comment Re:What would make it sell... (Score 1) 262

I call BS on that. Exposing external file storage to generations prior to the menials "might" confuse them but it's perfectly reasonable to think that I can TRANSFER my file (movie, document, picture) THROUGH my external device such as an SD card or USB to another device to read it.

Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 262

Well said. They are trying to reach Apple's sales without innovating (just waiting to see what works to copy it) and not worrying about the brand's reputation. If there is anything useful to learn from marketing is that they distinguish the value of a brand and can guesstimate their demand. For me the Microsoft brand sits at the same level as toothpaste or toilet paper, it sells a commodity that you need to fulfill a need.

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