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Comment Re:What I really want to know: (Score 1) 735

You are welcome and now that you understand CO and CO2 are not the same, and its Co2 (Not CO) that underpins the Global Warming Movement, we can move on to more serious matters with your position.
At this moment, contributing the damning pollutants you rile against into my atmosphere. You are the guilty party and its time for you to take responsibility and stop pointing fingers at everyone else. You are currently in denial of your own willful actions.
So why not do the proper thing and reduce your Co2 foot print to zero? If more nut jobs like you did the same thing, you could save the world!

Submission + - Anonymous hacks FTC website (

sanzibar writes: The online collective Anonymous on Jan. 24 claimed credit for hacking a Federal Trade Commission website aimed at helping consumers with cybersecurity advice,

The website is managed by the FTC and hosted in partnership with several federal agencies. The consumer protection agency reported the hack publicly on Twitter and Facebook and has taken the website offline for assessment and repairs.

Early on Jan. 24, the hacking group initially replaced the OnGuardOnline website’s front page with its own logo, according to an article in

Comment Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 1) 1055

aww. there went your audience life line. You still have 'phone a friend' and 'multiple choice' left.

The science is bunk and the theory crumbles before your very eyes. That is why you cant defend it.

Time to wake up cult boy. They lie to your face and pull bullshit like this

And bullshit like this:

Wake Up!

Comment Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 1) 1055

I think you just shattered your glass house.

First, your link did not address anything. Second, the link you ignored directly addresses your false claims.

I know it must be scary for you venture off the cult reservation but you really need to step out. As the updated 30yr trends start to roll out, i think you will find some surprising results. Your high priests are looking and they are freaking out about it. So many lies, bad models, failed predictions. Propaganda machine is kicking into overdrive.

Oh and if you recall, all the ice was supposed to be gone by now. fail.

Comment Re:alternatively (Score 1) 422

How imperialistic of you. So how do you justify the drone attacks by your own country?

I seem to recall more than one recent assassination by your country, illegal arms shipments, torture, secret prisons... we could go on and on.

And since your so educated on Israel politics, please explain how Israel should respond to constant missile attacks, threats by neighboring countries and well funded enemies who's stated purpose and goal is the total destruction of their country. Please contrast this with your own countries policies and recent actions.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 0) 422

your logic is astoundingly ignorant and blatantly hypocritical.

Your arm chair diplomacy / criticism of Israel is based on iranian/hamas/progressive propaganda. Yet - you somehow insulate yourself from your own countries issues as if your some model of a perfect society.

Clean your own shit up before you start raging on others.

Submission + - Unified Theory of Climate (

sanzibar writes: Very interesting poster presented at the Open Science Conference of the World Climate Research Program, 24 October 2011, Denver CO, USA

Recent studies revealed that Global Climate Models (GCMs) have significantly overestimated the Planet’s warming since 1979 failing to predict the observed halt of global temperature rise over the past 13 years. (e.g. McKitrick et al. 2010). No consensus currently exists as to why the warming trend ceased in 1998 despite a continued increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration. Moreover, the CO2-temperature relationship shows large inconsistencies across time scales. In addition, GCM projections heavily depend on positive feedbacks, while satellite observations indicate that the climate system is likely governed by strong negative feedbacks (Lindzen & Choi 2009; Spencer & Braswell 2010). At the same time, there is a mounting political pressure for Cap-and-Trade legislation and a global carbon tax, while scientists and entrepreneurs propose geo-engineering solutions to cool the Planet that involve large-scale physical manipulation of the upper atmosphere. This unsettling situation calls for a thorough reexamination of the present climate-change paradigm; hence the reason for this study.


Submission + - Implementation of MITM Attack on HDCP-Secured Link (

An anonymous reader writes: A man-in-the-middle attack on HDCP-secured video links is demonstrated. The attack is implemented on an embedded Linux platform, with the help of a Spartan-6 FPGA, and is capable of operating real-time on HD video links. It utilizes the HDCP master key to derive the corresponding private keys of the video source and sink through observation and computation upon the exchanged public keys. The man-in-the-middle then genlocks its raster and cipher state to the incoming video stream, enabling it to do pixel by pixel swapping of encrypted data. Since the link does no CRC or hash verification of the data, one is able to forge video using this method.

Significantly, the attack enables forging of video data without decrypting original video data, so executing the attack does not constitute copyright circumvention. Therefore, this novel and commercially useful application of the HDCP master key impairs equating, in a legal sense, the master key with circumvention. Finally, the embodiment of the exploit is entirely open-source, including the hardware and the Verilog implementation of the FPGA.

Comment Re:Bogus Science (Score 1) 421

I see your lighting straw men on fire again. Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon recap:

".. there are several warning flags raised by this study. First, station siting is indeed important for the maximum and minimum temperature measurements. Second, the adjustments are only partly correcting the temperature record. Third, since the adjustments use data from all surrounding stations, there’s the danger that the mean trends are dominated by data from the poorer stations. (Less than ten percent of the USHCN stations are sited well enough to be considered appropriate for climate trend measurements.)"

and your published research is where again? Please enlighten us with your masterful "scientific insight and mathematical knowledge" that allows you to so harshly judge Watts et al without having read their work.

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