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+ - Google/Samsung changes to SD card behaviour in KitKat (4.4.2) breaks apps.->

Submitted by TeddyR
TeddyR (4176) writes "With the widespread release of Androif 4.4.2 (kitkat) to many Samsung devices worldwide and specifically now with the US rollout by major providers in the US it seems that Samsung has decided to implement Googles latest API regulations for SD Card storage. This breaks MANY third party applications since only the Google/System/OEM/Carrier signed apps can now write to the external SD Card thus making MANY paid applications useless.

Confirmed affected: TMobile and Sprint Samsung Note 3 and potentially the Galaxy S4 and upcoming Galaxy S5. This change affects ALL Samsung KitKat 4.4.2 devices, including the Note 2, S3 once KitKat is released to those devices.

Time to call your carrier and lodge a complaint to ask that they request that this "feature" be returned to the original behavior.


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Comment: Re:Innovation Refers to Doing Things Differently (Score 1) 610

by santiagodraco (#40648845) Attached to: Steve Ballmer: We Won't Be Out-Innovated By Apple Anymore

That's not at all what he means. He said innovate and he means innovate. They've already been playing the same game and losing, he knows it has to change.

The issue is whether his destructive management style will allow it to happen. If you hate your boss will you work hard and think creatively for him or her? I wouldn't.

Comment: It's all about the working culture. (Score 1) 610

by santiagodraco (#40648821) Attached to: Steve Ballmer: We Won't Be Out-Innovated By Apple Anymore

It's not about whether or not Microsoft is going to "innovate everywhere" and fail (I don't think they are that stupid as to overdiversify and one can argue that Apple is trying to play everywhere too) but rather if they can out innovate period.

Microsoft's problem is it's self-destructive culture. Like other companies, say Dell, their internal policies around employee evaluations, politics and programs that drive creativity are completely lacking or are totally destructive.

Microsoft needs to adopt a "Google like" culture that rewards innovation "outside of the chain of command". Any reward program that is drives management rewards up the chain at the expense of the actual author is doomed to fail. This is the heart of Microsoft's problem. It doesn't pay to innovate as what's more important is how you make your boss look and your bosses advancement, and so on.

Comment: Re:It's a perfectly valid (Score 1) 268

Your statement sounds nice but it's also a complete misinterpretation of the purpose. Copyright exists to protect the creators and promote creation of works. This much is true.

What it does not exist to do is to give those who would blatantly use the works of others for their own purposes simply because they call it "art".

You do know that Youtube/Google pays video uploaders based on views right? I can gaurantee that while some might see the creation of the episode as art... I see it as creating a video based on someone elses creative work, their script, that's not art to me, but hey, who am I to judge.

Comment: Re:What detail was revealed? (Score 1) 158

by santiagodraco (#37468380) Attached to: Microsoft Ousts IE Mobile Manager For Revealing Nokia Phone Details

He blogged/tweeted/whatever about an unreleased product and its features..... and that is probably what the blogging policy was about. If you are an employee you don't talk about unannounced products or features without explicit approval. It's one of the most important policies companies have, especially in this industry.

Comment: A mystery? Really? (Score 1) 195

by santiagodraco (#37363324) Attached to: Mystery of Vanishing iTunes Credit Shows No Sign of Fading

Is this really a mystery? I'm pretty sure Apple hit the nail on the head.

For one thing every account that was hacked should have "registered" devices. Simply track the IPs of where those devices were registered and apps downloaded and you have a means to determine fraud from naught.

Comment: Re:Awful (Score 1) 951

by santiagodraco (#37247446) Attached to: Microsoft 'Ribbonizes' Windows 8 File Manager

And THAT is the problem. All this "one click" bs. it's not about how many clicks it is to get to the function, it's about how easy it is to perform the task. Ribbons are a confusing mess (at least every one of Microsoft's are) so it makes finding functions a frustrating nightmare because they seem to live in a world of their own physics.

Comment: Re:Outdated Headline (Score 1) 162

by santiagodraco (#36870884) Attached to: Could the KGB Infiltrate LulzSec?

Any good strategist knows you can't just sit in a fortress and remain safe forever. The same applies here.

That's not to say I disagree with "improving" the security of vital systems (your statement "if they would just secure" implies they aren't, which of course is absurd, our systems are secure... are they secure enough is the question".)

Of course I'd suggest it's equally absurd to think that we aren't actively working to secure our networks.

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