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Comment: Re:Okay to ban depending on which ones they do it (Score 1) 376

by santiagoanders (#45367097) Attached to: WRT trans fats, the FDA should ...

Where is the scientific literature that says our body does not have an enzyme to break artificial trans links? All I see is articles that say natural trans fats do not have the same effects in our diet as artificial trans fats, but no explanation about some supposed missing enzyme.

Comment: Re:No relationship, not negative relationship (Score 1) 120

by santiagoanders (#44705361) Attached to: Study Suggests Violent Video Games May Make Teens Less Violent

I can't parse this sentence. The authors badly needed an editor.

"Finally, with the sample once again of children with clinically elevated attention decit symptoms and with regards to bullying behavior only trait aggression (b = .41) was predictive of bullying behaviors along with the interaction between trait aggression and exposure to violent games did approach signicance (b = -.22) suggesting that highly trait aggressive children who also played violent video games were less likely to engage in bullying behaviors"

My brain seg-faults after "along with".

Comment: Re:FSF questions (Score 1) 98

by santiagoanders (#44510091) Attached to: Finance Firm Bloomberg Goes In For $80,000 On Ubuntu Edge Project

I don't care so much if the FSF doesn't like the Ubuntu Edge. I'm OK with closed-source software being on the phone.

I never cared much for smart phones, and I didn't even own one until last year when a friend gave me a bricked LG model. It really bothered me that a modern computer could be "bricked" and I couldn't even fix it without importing a Medusa jtag box with illegal software (under the DMCA).

This is why I was interested in the Ubuntu Edge. An open source boot loader would be awesome.

Comment: FSF questions (Score 4, Interesting) 98

by santiagoanders (#44508527) Attached to: Finance Firm Bloomberg Goes In For $80,000 On Ubuntu Edge Project

Were the following questions by the FSF ever answered?

"Will the Ubuntu Edge versions of both Android and Ubuntu contain or rely on any proprietary software or proprietary firmware?"

"Will the Ubuntu Edge include any Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) software?"

"Will the device's bootloader be free software?"

"Will the device have Restricted Boot, or will users be able to replace the operating system with a free one of their choice?"

"Will Ubuntu Edge include F-Droid, the free software Android application repository, as part of a commitment to promote and recommend only free software?"

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