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Comment: Husband uses a kiddie phone (Score 1) 304

by sandytaru (#48151751) Attached to: Technology Heats Up the Adultery Arms Race
Kiddie phone from Verizon. He is clinging to his 2004 state of the art clamshell phone that is at best a feature phone with no features actually supported any more besides phone calls, calendar, and text messages. In the meantime, I have not one but two Samsung galaxies.

On the one hand, even if I wanted to spy on him, I couldn't. On the other hand, his texts cost him 10 cents each on a grandfathered pre-paid plan, and he certainly can't install or run any kind of app on it. So the few texts he make can be counted in dimes (and he gets grouchy when someone texts him too much as a result) and there's no way to hide them or delete them. I'm not terribly worried either way.

Comment: Re:At Odds (Score 1) 445

by sandytaru (#48131751) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage
My wedding cost about $400. $60 of that was the dress I got off the clearance rack. We did JOP and had only family for the ceremony, and followed up with a reception at a favorite Italian that my father in law paid for. (My parents didn't live to see me get married... curse of the youngest child.)

Two of my older sisters had their fairy tail weddings with expensive dresses, catered receptions, and many more guests. Both of them ended in divorce two years later. Husband and I just hit year five.... I think we're the winners here.

Comment: Re:Why do the pills have to be clear? (Score 1) 135

by sandytaru (#48126113) Attached to: Feces-Filled Capsules Treat Bacterial Infection
In another report I read on this topic, the lead research said he wanted opaque pills but they needed something that could survive the stomach and make it to the long intestines. Those thicker capsules only came in clear. The freezing process lightens the contents and also puts some frost on the outside to make it less obvious...

Comment: Re:It's probably not the best experience of your l (Score 4, Informative) 135

by sandytaru (#48126101) Attached to: Feces-Filled Capsules Treat Bacterial Infection
TFA says healthy volunteers. The big improvement of this method is that they can "donate" just once, have their donation frozen, and then have it .... used over the course of a few months. The previous method required a healthy donor the day of the transplant, usually a relative of the recipient.

Comment: Re:Not the first amendment. (Score 1) 740

by sandytaru (#48085195) Attached to: Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job
Well, it was written at a time when the only organizations big enough to terrorize individuals were the governments. Big corporations are a relatively new bully - at the time the only ones that existed were the big trading companies, and 95% of the landowners who wrote the Constitution never had any dealings with them.

Comment: Re:Med school has done this, too. (Score 1) 389

by sandytaru (#48072489) Attached to: Is It Time To Throw Out the College Application System?
Yeah, med school is one of those places where they WILL reject you for being too much of a smarty pants. They accept based on attitude. They want someone who will have a good patient relationship and not come across as aloof and superior. They want someone who is NOT completely sure of themselves... who will harbor doubts and triple check everything as a result.

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