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Comment: PCoIP hardware card/client (Score 1) 720 720

This ain't a cheap solution but I have my PC in my garage and have ethernet through my attic to my living area (about 60 ft). In my gaming PC I have a PCoIP host card installed. And in my living room I have a PCoIP Zero Client connecting to my wall mounted TV. My TV needed DVI to HDMI cable for video and stereo headphone cable for audio. I also needed an audio isolation transformer to eliminate a hiss/hum from the analog audio going into my TV.

The effect is this is good enough for watching movies and playing single player games including shooters but not games that aren't too rhythm precise. I can plug a USB mouse/keyboard/gamepad to the Zero Client no problem. I've had some luck with a USB bluetooth adapter but I don't really use it, just trying to get my Wii-mote to work. Last part for me is to find a way to let my existing universal remote control Plex when I have that running.

Comment: iPod elimated the difference between pause/stop (Score 4, Insightful) 173 173

My first iPod showed me that there is no reason to distinguish between the concept of pause or the concept of stop. For some type of media devices it makes sense to have an off button but for many devices even that can be combined in with the pause button.

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