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Journal: The best May/June.

Journal by samzenpus

Babysitters are different in India.

It's more useful than breaking boards.

One of the best wedding speeches ever.

These guys have an angry god on speed dial.

Next to Floyd this is the best stage show out there.

I wish my sunday school was like this.

I want this car.

I'd buy JayZ.

Finally, the answer to what's tougher.

We need more of this sort of thing on TV.

I wish I could paint this well now.

These kids are great. Finally a rock harp solo.

The inside voice.

Hands down the best amateur porn ever, if you like teeth.

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Journal: Best of the net April

Journal by samzenpus

Want to have nightmares?

I'm so goth I shit bats.

Even clown porn is funny.

Don't tell mom you don't believe in god.

A look into the mind of a First Poster.

Just when I thought the Japanese couldn't be stranger they come up with this.

Coolest Job ever.

1000 techno songs are sampling parts of this right now

What side of the Panda abortion issue do you stand on?

This is what happens when a man spends most of his life doing what a car tells him to do.

Sometimes video editing amuses me, this is one of those times.

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Journal: The best of the internet Vol 4

Journal by samzenpus

Here we have the closest thing to flying.

It's hard to be a pretzel girl.

If they didn't make this guy stop we all could have had new heads by now.

If I have to do it like this I'd rather not breathe.

Here is Mr. Sulu's take on the Tim Hardaway situation.

This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen on the internet.

A very troubled man wrote this commercial.

This is very cool. If I had something like this when I was eating a lot of acid all the buildings would look different.

Turns out Shadowrun shouldn't be played by everyone.

I'm not sure why I never got a chance to do these kind of tests.

This never gets old to me. I laugh every time.

If you've ever thought, "I wonder what it's like when Rob closes his eyes?" This will give you an Idea.

It's men like this that make me love history.

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Journal: The funny week 3

Journal by samzenpus

This week we have a list of different animals and why they are better than people.

A man who can move anything.

The complete will it blend series.

A real baby genius.

This Christmas song is so bad that I have a hard time believing it's real.

Everyone's favorite Jersey salesman and his Christmas store.

This gave me nightmares the day I saw it.

This gave me nightmares for a week.

Ever want to watch a bunch of Japanese women get punched in the belly? I have a hard time understanding why this is a fetish.

Come on we've all done it at some point at least these guys are honest.

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Journal: The funny week 2

Journal by samzenpus

This week we have bigfoot and his unicorn friend.

The worlds worst driver.

Some deleted scenes for Borat.

I defy you to watch this baby and not at least smile.

This has to be the worst movie ever made.

Here is a black and white info strip for woman who have ideas.

This song is really just trying to help those poor sinners.

I think unintentional racism is the best racism.

If I was a cat I would love this machine.

Boston gets a press conference as stupid as their ATHF reaction.

Finally here are a few of my favorite Johnathan Coulton songs enjoy.

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Journal: The funny week 1

Journal by samzenpus

Remember the best self defense is to have a gun.

Be wary of the pornstars if you cross a river.

This may be the worst Blur cover ever.

People will say yes to just about anything.

Who doesn't like a show about hidden camera bestiality?

This is the last of the technical virgin stuff I could find after the blow-up at PBS.

Ever wonder how hotdogs are made?

This is my favorite parody commercial ever.

Probably the worst thing that could happen to you if you were on drugs.

Disobedience: The silver lining to the cloud of servitude. -- Ambrose Bierce