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+ - Mozilla Leader Makes $500k/year

Submitted by samuel4242
samuel4242 (630369) writes "The NY Times reports that the Mozilla Foundation is paying Mitchell Baker a cool $500,000 per year. How much went out in grants? Much less. $285,000 according to the article. Does this hurt the community by amplifying jealousy and discouraging people to contribute? Or is it only fair to compensate full time contributors at a rate that is in the same ball park as the other Silicon Valley success stories? Now that MySQL is rumored to be moving toward a big IPO, how will the open source world handle the growing gap between the insiders and the casual contributors?"
First Person Shooters (Games)

+ - Advertisers turn to custom render farms

Submitted by samuel4242
samuel4242 (630369) writes "If you want to be an action hero, Verizon is happy to cast you in a custom movie. If you send in a clear face shot, they'll render your face on the body of an action hero in a movie. It takes about a day to render it for you on their custom render farm. Is this the kind of mass customization the future? Or is it just a stunt that will wear off like the virtual puff of smoke from the virtual gun in your virtual hand in a virtual story of a time and place that never really existed?"

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