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Submission + - GOG will not geo track your IP ;)->

sammyF70 writes: I know, it sounds like slashvertisement, but it's not.
Good Old Games had a press release a couple of days ago about the fact that they wouldn't use geolocation to figure out where their customers connected from. Sounds nice, but the reason behind it was a bit of a mystery (apparently not only to me). Rock Paper Shotgun apparently figured it out. It's all about Australia and Censorship :)

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Submission + - Lessons from Anonymous on cyberwar->

sammyF70 writes: AlJazeera has an article about Anonymous Vs. HBGary and how the leaked emails show that the so called "cyberwar" is already being fought.

When it comes to cyberwar, the matter is best handled by William Gibson's famous quote: "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

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Submission + - Adafruit Challenge already won?!->

sammyF70 writes: http://games.slashdot.org/story/10/11/05/176251/2000-Bounty-For-Open-Source">Adafruit's Bounty may have been already won. Someone called "KinectMan2" has posted videos of Kinect's output as seen on Windows7 on youtube!
THAT was fast!

hopefully Linux drivers are coming soon.

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Submission + - VLC to be removed from the Apple AppsStore ->

sammyF70 writes: VLC will probably be removed from the app Store due to the well known clash between GPL and DRM. from the Article : "GNU Go, an open-source chess game, was slapped with a similar infringement claim". In other news, gnuchess is an open source Monopoly game.The full story here
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Submission + - Scary cross-platform demo of Amnesia released->

sammyF70 writes: Frictional Games, the maker of the Horror survival "Penumbra Trilogy" games have released a demo of their new game "Amnesia — The Dark Descent". It is available for OS-X, Windows and Linux, boasts some impressive visuals on all three but more importantly, it is scary as hell. Just don't expect any weapons, it is all about (not particularly difficult) logical and physical puzzles, literally keeping your sanity and the awesome atmosphere. The full game should be released on the 8th.
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Submission + - Why tend notebooks to come with partitions?

sammyF70 writes: It's that time of the year again : people tell me they are running low on drive space on their notebook, and I can't help but wonder why every single windows notebook I've seen in the last 5 years comes with a C and D partitions each of which is half the drive size, even though the standard install NEVER redirects anything to the D drive. Normal users seems to ignore the D partition (most of the times, they aren't even aware that it's there at all), which means that when they buy a notebook with, for example, a 320GB drive, all they effectively get is 160GB.
So I honestly ask you,, without aiming for the "Windows sucks! Just use Linux" answer, what is the rationale behind it?

Submission + - IT Crowd (UK) coming back! ->

sammyF70 writes: Every Geek's favourite non Sci-Fi Show (the original UK one, not the abysmally bad german and US remakes) is coming back for a fourth season! According to the IMDB's message board, it should be on the air "june'ish"! While you wait, you can check out what kind of vintage hardware will be on the show this time, and remember : if you illegally download movies, you will face the consequences!
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Submission + - Jobs to Users : if you want porn, get an Android!->

sammyF70 writes: Techcrunch has a mail from Steve Jobs, stating again Job's view about application approval and the advice from Mr.Turtleneck himself to "buy an Android phone".

This is apparently not limited to porn though, as Apple also rejected an educational kid game as it went against the "no code interpreters" clause. So, if you want porn or education you should get an Android device (or a samsung Bada device, or any other device BUT an Apple controlled one)

Somehow the 1984 Apple Ad sends a really different message, 26 years later.

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