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Comment: Maybe it's the weightlessness (Score 1) 60

Your having been to space is no guarantee that you're not crap-on-the-floor looney.

I would have thought that we've learned better than to pay too much attention to former astronauts. They might well be right about the asteroids, but I still think we should go ahead and get a second opinion on this.

Comment: Re:How's your Russian? (Score 1) 349

by PopeRatzo (#46796657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

That U.S. crotch you're cheerfully kicking might not be able to bail out your "actual civilized" buttocks from the next war.

I'm pretty sure Europeans are more worried about the US starting the next war.

The thing Europeans like best about the US military is all the coin we drop having bases there. Unless you count Serbia, where the US military is about as welcome as a bladder infection.

Comment: Laser printers from the mid-late 90s (Score 1) 674

by phillymjs (#46791589) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I had an Apple LaserWriter Select 360 (built around a Canon engine, IIRC) that I bought new in 1994 last me until mid 2011. HP was putting out some damned good printers back then, too, before Carly Fiorina came in and turned HP into peddlers of second-rate shit.

Honorable mention to the TV in my basement, an RCA F35751MB-- the biggest CRT TV I could find in 1994. I don't yet own a flatscreen, because I'm just letting them get better and cheaper until the RCA finally gives up the ghost.

Comment: Re:Technically if an NSA backdoor existed (Score 1) 171

by PopeRatzo (#46760577) Attached to: First Phase of TrueCrypt Audit Turns Up No Backdoors

Thanks for the info. That's what I'd assumed, and hoped.

So I'm not sure where this idea that these audits are "American only" or that there is something preventing someone from pointing out a vulnerability comes from.

Generally, I trust stuff that has lots of eyes on it.

Comment: Re:there are also a shitload more f2p games that d (Score 1) 245

by PopeRatzo (#46752627) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

That did what? Not suck? Can you give us a list of 10 F2P games that did not suck and not include DOTA2?

And how much lower is the bar for F2P and why? Clearly, the teams making these games are trying to make money, and if they believe they can make money, apparently there is some value to having people play these games?

So what exactly is "free" as in "free to play"? Ain't nothing free.

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