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Comment Resume the lunar program (Score 0) 174

After that hopeless moron Obama leaves, which cannot be soon enough, the US will resume the lunar program laid of by President Bush. The US will have the means, the SLS launcher. A goal of a permanent presence on the moon is eminently logical from an exploration and resource standpoint, and in the strategic competition with our enemies Russia and China.

Comment Terrorism is psychological (Score -1) 965

By definition terrorism is psychological. Its effect is overwhelming in a free capitalist society (as much as France is). The west needs to remind itself that it is Christian. It has spent 100's of years keeping the Mohammedans out, for good reason. To let them in is certain disaster, and the end of western civilization. The only solution is ending welfare for muslims and mass deportations. The EU must also make huge investments in controlling its borders and boat traffic in the Mediterranean to deny these infiltrators entry.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.