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Comment: Re:What happens to the "obsolete" supercomputers? (Score 5, Interesting) 132

by samilliken (#40359869) Attached to: US Regains Supercomputing Crown, Besting China and Japan
The CRAY supercomputers are actually blade chassis, so you can do several generations of upgrades just by updating the blades. When we do have a to replace more components, the old parts are shipped back to CRAY for recycling. When the upgrade is more of a forklift upgrade, we will sometimes run them in parallel. This is what happened between Jaguar and Jaguar-PF. Jaguar was sent back to CRAY last year so that we can make room for whatever will replace Titan (the blade level upgrade of Jaguar-PF). We have about 10 on-site CRAYons at all times at ORNL, and when we have a large upgrade process happening, extras are brought in. At some point you do have to look at the Watts/Flop of the old systems, and you will get to a tipping point where it's simply too costly to continue running on the old equipment. When you're pulling down systems measured in Megawatts, you have to.

Comment: That's what stores do - they sell (Score 1) 332

by samilliken (#29579823) Attached to: The Kafka-esque Nightmare of Palm App Submission
The original article is definitely from an iPhone loving troll. The Pre doesn't run Palm OS. Palm itself has declared that Palm OS is dead. They spent the last several years creating a very powerful, elegant development environment called WebOS. They also published information on how people can write their own apps, and have publicly supported the homebrew community as a valid outlet for applications that you don't charge for. Complaining about the hoops to get your application placed into a store when you don't want to charge for it is akin to complaining that the corner bakery won't let you give away the cookies that you and your mom baked last night. They're not saying that you can't bake cookies or give them away, they're just saying that you need to go to the appropriate place to do it. WebOS Internals and PreCentral have got huge, thriving homebrew communities for the free WebOS apps, and both of those mentioned in this article have been widely available through there since shortly after the phone's release.

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