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Comment: Not all choice is tinkering (Score 5, Insightful) 361

by samael (#45140927) Attached to: Is Choice a Problem For Android?

Some of us get their phone, install it the way _we_ want it, and then leave it like that (unless something spectacularly new comes along).

I don't change my keyboard weekly - but I did change it a couple of times, find one that suited me, and leave it that way.

Same with SMS, email client, and web browser. I haven't changed any of these in months, but they're all different to the stock version.

Comment: Open API is only fine if it's an open standard (Score 4, Insightful) 163

by samael (#39057463) Attached to: Why Open APIs Fall Far Short of Open Source

IMAP is an open API - truly open, because it's a standard and multiple people support it. RSS is an open API - because I can use an RSS reader with anyone I like.

If an API is only supported by one site then it's still lock-in, and if they change it (or close down, or raise their rates) then you're still fucked.

Comment: Re:If you don't want your SSID to be mappable (Score 4, Informative) 284

by samael (#38060154) Attached to: Google To Allow Location Service Opt-out

But it's not. Nobody can look on a map and see your name, If they're standing by your house and can receive the signal then they can tell where they are, but that's all.

(Unless Google are now publishing the complete lookup table, in which case I feel somewhat different.)

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