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Comment: Simplify. (Score 2) 398

by saltire sable (#41548651) Attached to: For Obama, Jobs, and Zuckerberg, Boring Is Productive

People are always drawing their own conclusions about why I wear all black all the time, but this is the real reason... I just can't be bothered to match colours in the morning, and it narrows down my options greatly when buying new clothes. (Plus black fabric is a lot more forgiving with stains.)

Comment: Addendum (Score 1) 312

by saltire sable (#34967586) Attached to: Betelgeuse To Blow Up Soon — Or Not

Gotta love the "correction" at the end of TFA[1]:

NEWS.com.au would like to apologise for their error - as we all know, Betelgeuse is the second biggest star in the Orion constellation, not the universe.

Second brightest, perhaps, but you could probably fit Rigel inside of Betelgeuse well over three thousand times.

Now to fix the rest of the wildly overblown claims in the story...

Comment: The volcano at the entrance to Hell (Score 1) 422

by saltire sable (#31293164) Attached to: What Has Your Phone Survived?

I was at Lake Mývatn in northern Iceland last year, and noticed a certain touchscreen phone lying in the mud at the base of a giant volcanic crater. I figured it was a dead bit of electronics but picked it up anyway. When I later tried charging it, I was surprised to see it turn on, and indeed work perfectly. There was a bit of water damage behind the screen, but over the next couple of days that faded away, leaving only a little sprinkling of sediment. Turned out its owner had lost it in March sometime, and I'd found it in June.

What worried me at first was that, next to an ominous black cone in a remote, nearly deserted, highly volcanic area choked with flies and smelling of sulphur, within sight of a smoking crater once believed to be the entrance to Hell, I'd found this shiny black object glinting in the sun at me, just waiting to be picked up...

Comment: Look, more 80s nostalgia. (Score 1) 131

by saltire sable (#30644826) Attached to: OMNI Magazine Remembered

I definitely have some fond memories of looking through my dad's stacks of OMNI. Of course, I also liked looking through his stacks of Penthouse...

OMNI had a lot of neat-o stuff, like some pretty awesome paper airplane designs. It was also the first place I saw a stereogram, which at the time was just an array of black and white dots, but started showing up everywhere a few years later, in colour, as those "Magic Eye" pictures.

Didn't care too much for all the supernatural stuff, but I always liked that montage scene in the middle of Ghostbusters where the dudes start showing up on magazine covers, and an OMNI cover goes by with pictures of their proton packs and ghost traps.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone