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Comment Garbage, Wrong (Score 0, Troll) 400

Young, single, childless males are the ones who will dedicate their evenings to making sure not only that things run properly, but that you are in the front of your field. Filling your department with family oriented people is just going to give you a whole bunch of people who will do what they must and anything they need to not to lose their job. If you follow this advice, DO NOT EXPECT TO INNOVATE!

Comment Hm (Score 0) 318

I really hope concern over the glasses will read to people being more conscious of data privacy, but to be honest I have to wonder why people are just now concerned about data privacy. A former senior executive at the NSA was persecuted for trying to speak out against sweeping surveillance against ALL americans and had the espionage act used against him, yet awareness of this issue has remained close to zero. Face it, people, we already live in a surveillance society. Everything you do is associated with you. Here's a video of the former NSA exec speaking: This is already a really important issue.

Comment Re:Wait to see what you need based on use. (Score 0) 770

This is solid advice. I basically don't worry about getting robbed because I don't have much to begin with. The most a burglar could make off of my apartment is selling my laptop(which has an encrypted hard drive) and my monitor. Everything else is not worth much.

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