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Comment: Re:If their CS programs are like ours... (Score 2, Interesting) 521

by salmon_austin (#17891410) Attached to: The Death Of CS In Education?
This is the TRUTH. In fact I did exactly this. I thought I would try out "business" for something new and hit on a huge gravy train.

I went from being an average/slightly above average software developer to a superstar business programmer/analyst.

Svery simple concepts like cron and CVS were unheard of, and by scheduling jobs and automatically sending out reports/trigger based warnings etc.. I'm able to easily appear like I'm doing the work of several other business analysts that still manually enter numbers into Excel reports (OMG!). I try teaching others here, but many people on the business side really just don't get it.

The biggest problem I have had so far is getting IT to understand that I know what the hell I'm doing and should have access to proper tools (e.g. SAS, SQL+, a UNIX box so I can schedule, and allowing me to run scripts that I've written on my own computer).

It may not be as challenging as pure software development, but it sure pays a lot more.

Learning the business is very easy and can be done by paying careful attention in meetings for the first few months on the job. I have great people skills and am very social, so I found this very easy.

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