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Comment: Re:What if... (Score 2, Interesting) 407

by sallgeud (#26436257) Attached to: 30th Anniversary of the (No Good) Spreadsheet

Or, instead of an RDBM to manage all of this info, how about a meta-database that allows you to take all the outdated spreadsheed processes of today and put them in a managable solution that allows everything to relate together.

Most of the products that do this today are focused on specific and well financed areas of the economy. Of course, if the easy money is in regulatory compliance and risk management, it would make sense to focus there. On the plus side, once companies buy products like this, often times it becomes viral and eventually takes over those non-wealthy group's processes, improving visibility across the whole company. Almost like one giant intelligent spreadsheet to run the company :)

The two that come to mind for me are Archer Technologies ( and SalesForce's new stuff (

There are others out there, but not nearly as mature as those two.

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