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Comment: Re:One fiber to rule them... (Score 4, Insightful) 221

by saleenS281 (#48714889) Attached to: Google Fiber's Latest FCC Filing: Comcast's Nightmare Come To Life
Funny you mention street lights and potholes. I've found anytime I've called to report a street light out, it gets replaced within 48 hours max. Potholes are generally a little slower, but within a week. The reason they generally go untouched is because people don't actually report it. They bitch and moan about it on their commute, but by the time they get home they can't be bothered to pick up the phone and let someone know.

Comment: It's all about Taxes (Score 1) 706

by saleenS281 (#48356741) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility
If I get competition in the ISP space, tax away. Speakeasy DSL over Qwest lines was one of the greatest services I ever had, and it was competitive at the time. I remember how crestfallen I was when the government decided that next gen fiber and cable internet services wouldn't be title II, and as such, ISP's didn't have to lease their lines. If that hadn't been the case, we wouldn't even have to discuss whether or not it's OK for Comcast to double charge. The second they tried to do that, everyone would just switch to a different ISP.

Comment: Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 178

by saleenS281 (#48095487) Attached to: Ebola Vaccine Trials Forcing Tough Choices
1. I guess you should tell that to OP then, I was responding with terminology he chose. I just chose not to respond like a condescending douche. You should try it sometime.
2. No, that's not what causes a brain tumor. I'm glad you managed to garner some buzz words in your second year biology course, but you might want to crack that book back open.

I never claimed to "know so much about" the immune system. I guess your reading comprehension issues still persist. Now shoo troll, nobody cares.

Comment: Easy solution (Score 2) 178

by saleenS281 (#48093371) Attached to: Ebola Vaccine Trials Forcing Tough Choices
The solution to this is easy, it's just ones America's puritan's can't swallow. You send over terminally ill volunteers who have a short time to live anyways. You use them as the non-vaccinated group. If they contract Ebola, you allow them an assisted death (OH THE HORROR/THINK OF BABY JESUS). Everyone wins.

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