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by saleenS281 (#46718393) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
So people without insurance who currently pay nothing to go to the ER would instead go to an urgent care facility because it's less expensive? Outside of the fact that urgent care facilities already exist and have had exactly 0 impact on the ER problem, the basis of your logic is nonexistent. You can't make something cheaper than free - there's no incentive for someone to go to an urgent care facility in place of an ER.

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by saleenS281 (#46717293) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
Well, there were really two options on the table:

1. We allow emergency rooms to refuse treatment to anyone who cannot provide proof of insurance. That would likely include anyone in a bad accident whose wallet/ID didn't remain on them. I'm sure we could start embedding RFID tags into the chest of every human being to carry their identity and insurance information, but short of that, I'm open to your suggestion on how else we determine who to treat and who to turn away.

2. We force everyone to carry insurance as a cost of living in this country, realizing that as a first world nation we aren't going to let people die in the streets, but letting them go to the emergency room every time they have a sniffle is unsustainable. Or worse yet, have people who do get into a bad accident just skip out on the bill and declare bankruptcy.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. There's literally no possible way that forcing everyone to buy insurance can cost us more than having people without insurance use the ER as their regular doctors visits short of a criminal act of swindling by the insurance companies and/or hospitals.

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Seriously, he's determining the amount of trolling going on by the number of people saying GG at the end of games? The biggest trolls I've faced have said "gg", that's half the schtick. They say "gg" just to rub in the fact that they're assholes. How about you start by killing the taunt/laugh/talking shit after the first 30 seconds of the game? The trolls have simply evolved, they now know all they have to do is talk trash in the post-game lobby, and spam everyone with annoying taunting/laughing all game, and they'll never get in trouble, because Riot doesn't give you any option to report a player for any troll-ish action beyond all chat content. gg

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So hobbyists in the electronics business have never heard or seen fluke? Seriously, that's what you're going with? ANYONE that has spent 30 seconds looking for a multimeter has come across fluke, and every one of their multimeters are the same color. You'd struggle to make something look anymore similar to their multimeters short of putting the fluke name on the front.

I'll give you a hint - the guy who works for sparkfun in the comments section of his own blog post said:

Yea, it’s hard to say whether Fluke has done such an amazing job at branding that we all think Fluke yellow is the color of DMMs or if they are simply capitalizing on a color arrangement we all generically know as ‘multimeter’.

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

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Not to mention I find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE a company that's getting into the multimeter business had no idea that they were making a product that looks identical to one of, if not THE biggest player in the market segment. You know these things were destined for ebay "multimeter, just like fluke only cheaper!"

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Or I live in a large city whith the options of Comcast or Centurylink. Centurlyink doesn't provide anything faster than 7mbps (advertised) - which actually works out to about 5mbps by the time it hits your door step and struggles to stream anything in high def without buffering indefinitely. So I have one option of Comcast if I want a connection that's faster than what was offered a DECADE ago. Which is about the exact situation 90% of the US broadband market currently faces.

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Right, except for the part where when the state brought in outside consultants to try to determine WHY things were so off-tilt, the consulting firms (yes, more than one) told them they didn't have the staff in house to properly scope the project. When Lawson was made aware of this, she simply gave more money to Oracle to provide contractors who could scope it for them. NOW she's claiming it's the state's fault for not scoping... MY HEAD HURTS.

Read a great article on it a couple months ago and am struggling to find it :/

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And your job pays you over and over again for the work you did your first day on the job? Or do they expect you to keep producing additional work to get paid?

This isn't a salary cut, it's the reality for everyone with a job. You don't get paid indefinitely for something you did 50 years ago. There's no reason that copyright should be any different.

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Was accused, not convicted, but why let the details get in the way. Copyright has become bastardized to the point of exhaustion. Copyright's original intent was to allow the creator to make money off their works for a set period of time at which point the works would become public domain. As with everything else in this country, the right and powerful decided that we really shouldn't actually have public domain, and convinced congress to just keep extending copyright's time limit to the point where it's basically non-existent. By the time something hit public domain these days, it's so irrelevant so as to be basically worthless in almost all cases.

Copyright never should've been allowed to last longer than the creator's lifetime (and quite frankly I think the original 14 years plus another 14 was more than enough). Anything more is simply a bastardization of the original intent. You *MIGHT* be able to convince me that it should be extended to cover their spouse's lifetime for the rare circumstance in which an artist dies prematurely, but outside of that... it's all a corporate money grab.

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