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Comment: Re: Not the PSUs? The actual cables? (Score 0) 129

by saleenS281 (#47766133) Attached to: HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard
It's only offensive if you let yourself be offended. Grow a pair, mature past grade school, and move on with your life. If you can't handle someone using an abbreviated version of someone's country of origin, I'm not sure how you make it through a day of real life. Getting up in arms just empowers whoever it is that's trying to use the term in a derogatory fashion. And if you've never heard it for anything BUT derogatory statements, you don't get out much, which explains your reaction.

Comment: Re:Everything old is new again. (Score 1) 193

by saleenS281 (#47741435) Attached to: Facebook Experimenting With Blu-ray As a Storage Medium
If it's something you're accessing so infrequently that you're willing to put up with that access time, it's something you probably aren't accessing all that often. You get ~300 reads out of a tape before it goes bad. I'd imagine whatever it is they're using this for won't see that in a lifetime. Or if it will, by the time they've hit that limit, they'll be replacing the media anyways for the sake of technology refresh.

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Unlikely. The time Blu-Ray saves in getting the the point on disk, it will lose in loading the media. Either way, access time will be measured in minutes, and do you really care if your data is returned in 3 minutes instead of 4? At that point I'd take the higher density, and known reliability all day long. Not to mention, I know I'll be able to buy tape and parts for another decade, the same can't be said of blu-ray.

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That's patently false. The digital switch was a knife to the back of anyone using an antenna. I can tell you first hand at our cabin - we got about 20 channels. Since the digital switch, none of them work. When it was analog, you might get a little static every now and then, but at least you'd get SOMETHING. With digital, you either get it, or you don't. There's nothing in between. That means if you were remotely on the edge of the signal before, you're getting nothing now. And I can tell you at least where we're at, the broadcast signal strength they're using for digital is significantly lower than it was before.

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I work in a large IT organization. Our tech support deals with our customers. Exactly 0% of their training is geared towards selling the customer anything. And their bonuses are based 100% off customer satisfaction. Needless to say, our customers don't hate us - and we do more business with them because of it.

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Which works great if you're writing all your own software, or are able to rely on nothing but open source. VERY few companies have that luxury, and FreeBSD/OpenBSD are a non-starter for anything you want vendor support on. RHEL and SLES on the other hand are almost universally supported by hardware and software vendors alike.

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It's not a reasonable question, because it's not the topic at hand. If you want a virtual machine running linux, go get a virtual machine running linux. This is about backup services. Synology S3 integration isn't a VM on amazon with rsync, it's Synology making native S3 api calls.

No, crashplan isn't a vm running linux with rsync, it's a backup service. If you bothered to spend 30 seconds clicking on either link, you'd have seen that. Instead you started babbling about "serious backups" using rsync which is completely and utterly inferior to the crashplan or s3 option for 99%+ of Synology's target market.

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