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by saleenS281 (#47905305) Attached to: High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

So let me get this straight. You are okay with people getting killed for basically nothing? And most very sincerely, if you think that some sort of biometric defeats hte very purpose of having a gun, you also don't have ignition key or locks on your doors. They control access. But a gun? Completely differnt matter.

So does a safety defeat the purpose of owning a gun?

I have a manual lock on my car and ignition. Just like I have a manual lock on my guns when I'm not using them. An electronic lock that's always on, and cannot be unlocked if the battery happens to die makes the gun pretty much useless as a self-defense mechanism. Do your car doors lock automatically and refuse to unlock if you lose power? No? Because that's a pretty stupid fucking design decision? Then why should a gun?

Explain how this is going to cost billions of dollars.

How exactly are you planning on retrofitting existing guns for free? If you aren't retrofitting existing weapons, this is a completely useless exercise.

Explain what you want to spend billions of dollars on to save lives.

You could start by replacing anyone's car that doesn't have airbags and anti-lock brakes free of charge. It would save a hell of a lot more lives than this pointless endeavor. And you could make them hybrids to help with global warming to boot.

You'll have a difficult time, because you are trying to argue about "number of lives", when you are actually afraid that any change, any tiny thing you do, is going to allow the guvmint to take your guns away.

Anyhow, I expect an answer on the billions it will cost, and how many billions you suppport to be applied to the deaths that you actually give a fuck about.

I don't have a difficult time. This isn't a difficult subject to shoot down. It's a waste of everyone's time and money.

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Let me get this straight - irresponsible gun owners result in a statistically insignificant number of child deaths every year. Your solution is to create a new technology that not only defeats the purpose of owning the gun for many people in the first place, it also doesn't prevent any of the above mentioned deaths.

And we should focus billions of dollars on this initiative in place of focusing on things that could, you know, actually save a significant number of lives? Makes sense to me.

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Google teenager dies in car crash. Google child dies in car crash. Outside of the fact that it makes for sensational headlines, why the focus on guns? The number of kids who shoot their siblings a year isn't even a blip on the radar of causes of death of young children. Try expending your efforts on something that will actually make a difference.

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by saleenS281 (#47865771) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments
So, here's an example: Every woman ever. Unless they're wearing jeans (and even then) women usually keep their phone in their purse. What happens when you're in a movie/church/important meeting and your phone starts ringing because you forgot to put it on silent? You get to scramble to try to find the phone and mute it. Having the ability to swipe at your watch would be a godsend. Is it worth $300? I suppose that depends on your income, but for a lot of people, absolutely.

Hell, as a guy *I* am considering it, just because in some situations I run into the exact situation (wearing a suit, phone in an inside pocket). Plenty of people with enough expendable income to justify a $300 purchase when it doubles as a beautiful watch. When you consider what most "premium watches" cost, you're getting the "smart" portion for free.

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It's only offensive if you let yourself be offended. Grow a pair, mature past grade school, and move on with your life. If you can't handle someone using an abbreviated version of someone's country of origin, I'm not sure how you make it through a day of real life. Getting up in arms just empowers whoever it is that's trying to use the term in a derogatory fashion. And if you've never heard it for anything BUT derogatory statements, you don't get out much, which explains your reaction.

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