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Comment Settings in games should match your setup. (Score 1) 264

If you have an old computer you should use settings in games to match that even though you've bought yourself a shiny new gfx card. Going for HQ and 4x MSAA in BF3 is just plain stupid. There are countless guides out there on which settings to tweak to get the settings that matches your setup. Nvidia has a great guide that explains all settings and their impact on the FPS and suggests what to set depending on your setup. Using MSAA for example is one of the best way to ensure you get low FPS and most guides suggest you turn it of an use FXAA to get better FPS. While in whine mode I'll add a few more things. What resolution was used? A comparison on what FPS to expect when; buying a GTX 660 for your old computer VS buying a new mid range MB/CPU and a GTX 660. An analysis on whether the CPU was the bottleneck for these games and if so, by how much? Is the GTX 660 at $220 the card to get when upgrading a 5-6 year old computer or will a GTX 650 TI for $150 give you the same result? All in all I appreciate that he wrote the guide as I'm sure many people are asking themselves the question whether to do a full upgrade or just upgrade for example the gfx card. But at the same time.. a job worth doing is worth doing well.

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