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Comment: What GNOME really needs (Score 2, Interesting) 419

by salarelv (#30095936) Attached to: GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010
What GNOME really needs (in my mind): * better dual screen support * customizable virtual desktops (different layouts for work, entertainment etc) - would be cool if the second display could be one virtual desktop * fixed theme management (everything should be configured from one place) * "run as root" in the menu under right mouse click * "open terminal in current location" * better drag&drop * better networking configuration (usb and bluetooth modems) - like to see why something isn't working. etc gnome doesn't need new menus..these are already great. maybe a search bar for programs in the application menu. like in win7 and mac

Comment: Re:Here's where it lost me (Score 1) 385

by salarelv (#29698851) Attached to: Analyst Predicts Android Overtaking iPhone In 2012
Many my friends who were businessmen before iPhone and Android where WinMo or Symbian users. And these people will continue to use these because they have the apps they need(ed). And like You said that there is now a store for these apps. People don't buy every day a new phone and the market has the time change to fight against Apple. Apple has to innovate to stay ahead but usually the winners stay put and don't care. Sure the iPhone is gaining but not very much from the hardcore users but from young people who care for the outfit not the functionality. iPhone will gain because it's a fashion accessory but fashion changes every year. Maybe apple will find the next big thing but that's another question.

Comment: Re:Two Predictions (Score 1) 385

by salarelv (#29697531) Attached to: Analyst Predicts Android Overtaking iPhone In 2012
What other companies? The other companies will use Android. Apple has to innovate to stay on the top. But the iPhone hasn't innovated after the first release. Only hardware updates. Yes probably it will gain some market share the coming 2 years but when they don't come to new ideas the others will get better than Apple because there are more carriers, more hardware producers and more freedom.

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