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+ - Ad Exec: Learn to Code or You're Dead to Me 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "In a widely-read WSJ Op-Ed, English major Kirk McDonald, president of online ad optimization service PubMatic, informed college grads that he considers them unemployable unless they can claim familiarity with at least two programming languages. 'Teach yourself just enough of the grammar and the logic of computer languages to be able to see the big picture,' McDonald advises. 'Get acquainted with APIs. Dabble in a bit of Python. For most employers, that would be more than enough.' Over at Typical Programmer, Greg Jorgensen is not impressed. 'I have some complaints about this "everyone must code" movement,' Jorgensen writes, 'and Mr. McDonald’s article gives me a starting point because he touched on so many of them.' Nice rebuttal, and one might add that even a programming whiz might find it tough to land a job at PubMatic — a 2011 USA Today article noted that PubMatic maintained its 100-person development team in India. Why? 'It is easier to find and retain engineers in India,' explained CEO Rajeev Goel (McDonald's boss). 'And it is more affordable.'"

+ - Crowdfunding To Build a Copyleft Photo Archive of the Adirondack Mountains

Submitted by sajuuk
sajuuk (1371145) writes "After several years of getting fed up with a lack of good stock photography for the area that I live in (as well as constantly having to explain that I don't live in a shack in the woods), I have decided to begin a Kickstarter campaign to simultaneously build a copyleft photo archive of life in the Adirondack Park and publish a photo-essay about the same subject. If the funding is successful, I will release all photos I will license all photos I take over the course of the year that the project will run as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported, allowing free use for all who wish to use them. The photos will include subjects such as landscape, waterscape, architecture, and of course, human interest. Check out the project here: 52 Weeks: The Adirondack Life."

+ - Psychiatrists Cast Doubt on Biomedical Model of Mental Illness-> 2

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "British Psychological Society's division of clinical psychology (DCP) will on Monday issue a statement declaring that, given the lack of evidence, it is time for a 'paradigm shift' in how the issues of mental health are understood. According to their claim, there is no scientific evidence that psychiatric diagnoses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are valid or useful. The statement effectively casts doubt on psychiatry's predominantly biomedical model of mental distress – the idea that people are suffering from illnesses that are treatable by doctors using drugs. The DCP said its decision to speak out 'reflects fundamental concerns about the development, personal impact and core assumptions of the (diagnosis) systems', used by psychiatry.

The provocative statement by the DCP has been timed to come out shortly before the release of DSM-5, the fifth edition of the American Psychiatry Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The manual has been attacked for expanding the range of mental health issues that are classified as disorders."

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The Internet

+ - Patent Troll Claims Ownership of Interactive Web->

Submitted by wiedzmin
wiedzmin (1269816) writes "A low-profile Chicago biologist, Michael Doyle, and his company Eola Technologies, who has once won a $521m patent lawsuit against Microsoft, claim that it was actually he and two co-inventors who invented, and patented, the “interactive web” before anyone else, back in 1993. Doyle argues that a program he created to allow doctors to view embryos over the early Internet, was the first program that allowed users to interact with images inside of a web browser window. He is therefore seeking royalties for the use of just about every modern interactive Internet technology, like watching videos or suggesting instant search results. Dozens of lawyers, representing the world’s biggest internet companies, including Yahoo, Amazon, Google and YouTube are acting as defendants in the case, which has even seen Tim Berners-Lee testify on Tuesday."
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+ - Firefox 11 integrated SPDY->

Submitted by
huntall writes "SPDY is a network protocol developed and introduced by Google in late 2009 with the goal of improving our experience of internet browsing, printing faster in loading web pages . While SPDY is part of Google Chrome since its early versions, the public character"
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Comment: I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 1) 271

by sajuuk (#36416994) Attached to: The Internet Is Killing Local News, Says the FCC
If by "local news" you mean Local TV News, well, there's none of that around me. On the other hand, if you mean "local newspaper" and "local radio" then you are sadly mistaken, at least up here in the Adirondacks. We get a high quality locally published and printed newspaper 6 days a week - with a superb website accompanying - but NOT replacing it. And the local NPR station isn't half bad either.

+ - NASA Quest for Gas Stations in Space->

Submitted by Velcroman1
Velcroman1 (1667895) writes "Last week, Slashdotters read about a NASA proposal for in-space 'gas' stations located at strategic spots along a route — a potential boon to spaceflight. The system would be set up ahead of time, with depots drifting idly through the blackness while waiting for a rocket to dock. All the fuel and the propellant depots would be launched before a human mission left for the asteroids or for Mars. spoke with NASA about the proposal, which the space agency says "could create a small space economy in propellants and refueling."

Space policy expert James Muncy agrees. “We will need the technologies eventually anyway,” he said. “We can’t go to Mars without them.”"

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+ - Putting 'Apple iPhone' in a headline gets views->

Submitted by HansonMB
HansonMB (1988686) writes "A recent article by CNN Tech blogger John Sutter makes the claim that, despite Apple’s recent release of a white iPhone 4 (and kudos to Apple, by the way, for making whites the minority for once), real Apple nerds are actually more interested in the upcoming release of, you guessed it, the iPhone 6.

However, by not directing readers anywhere in particular on the subject, Sutter ignores the risk of getting pwned by other writers covering the same non-story — like, say, Jared Newman at PCWorld, who has written essentially the same article, but in a sharper, funnier, and more self-aware way. Not only that, but Sutter doesn’t actually link to anything in his post, which is a decided no-no in the time-sucking, hyper-threaded blogosphere we’ve come to know and dread, whose cardinal dictum is that you have failed as a blogger if a reader is capable of dead-ending at your particular post, rather than being sucked further down the rabbit hole after drinking from one of a myriad of linking elixirs."

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+ - RIM to make BING the default for search and maps->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Steve Ballmer announced today at BlackBerry World 2011 that Bing will soon be the default for both search and maps on upcoming BlackBerry devices. Further, the service will soon be integrated into RIM devices on an OS level, which means voice activated and location-aware search from the folks in Redmond."
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PlayStation (Games)

+ - PlayStation controller pilots tiny quadrocopter->

Submitted by dotarray
dotarray (1747900) writes "While the PlayStation Network remains down, and your thoughts keep drifting to the safety of your personal details, it’s understandable that you might be looking for something to distract you.

How about using that Bluetooth PlayStation controller to navigate a teeny tiny little quadrocopter? It’s not like you can use it for much else, these days"

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+ - Apple iMac gets Thunderbolt I/O, quad-core->

Submitted by fergus07
fergus07 (1145927) writes "Apple's desktop lineup has typically pushed users requiring plenty of fast I/O towards the Mac Pro — but the latest iMac refresh has broken the tradition. Quad-core Sandy Bridge CPUs and faster ATI Radeon HD GPUs are welcomed, but it's the addition of Thunderbolt ports (one in the 21.5-inch and two in the 27-inch) that really ups the ante for a number of professional users."
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+ - Can it get any worse for Sony->

Submitted by meriksen
meriksen (65059) writes "For the few of you left who still trusted Sony, now comes news of yet another massive data breach, this time for Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) users. SOE is their online multiplayer games offering. It sounds like a similar issue to the PSN hack, again with lots of data being taken. Making matters worse, apparently for players outside the US, Sony kept credit card numbers and/or bank details in an "outdated database" (read, one not properly secured or encrypted, apparently). And... Sony is now admitting that the breach occurred a few weeks ago, so this info has probably already been put to use."
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+ - Google Raided In South Korea ->

Submitted by RedEaredSlider
RedEaredSlider (1855926) writes "South Korean police raided Google's offices in Seoul as they investigate whether the company illegally gathered private data.

Head of the police cyber crime unit, Chang Byuk-Duk, told the Agence-France Presse that the police were sent to the company's offices to secure evidence related to the AdMob platform. Google is accused of gathering data on users' locations via smartphone applications. The local site Daum was also raided, based on similar allegations."

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+ - Fake AV Makers, Scammers Exploit Bin Laden News->

Submitted by
Batblue writes "Malware makers and scammers have quickly latched onto the news that U.S. military forces killed Osama Bin Laden, security researchers said today. Antivirus vendors have spotted multiple threats based on the news, including links that lead to fake security software — dubbed "rogueware" — attack code masquerading as plug-ins that users must supposedly download to view videos and attempts to harvest personal information.

Cyber criminals wasted no time in leveraging the news. "Hackers love a big, breaking story, said Rob Rachwald of Imperva, a Redwood Shores, Calif. security firm, in a post to the company's blog Monday.

Rachwald reported that Imperva had monitored forums where hackers bragged about posting fake videos, then duping users into clicking a Facebook "Like" button that in fact generates "Likes" to a product or service page they're promoting."

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