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Comment Re:Not my experience at all. (Score 1) 105

My work machine is i7 laptop (4 cores, not "U" variant) with 16GB RAM, no SSD, just HDD. Both Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8.1 are surprisingly slow in some standard operations, most annoyingly in logging in, starting Chrome... Also annoying thing with Ubuntu is that if it uses HDD, then everything else is way too slow. If I tar/untar some really big file, and I browse web in parallel, I see that browser is noticeably slower than usual.

I still wonder how we used to do more-or-less the same stuff on machines that had 512MB of RAM and 5x slower CPU. Where has all the CPU power gone? Why SW got so bloated?

Comment Re:Not bad code, just no updates (Score 1) 111

Android isn't insecure because it's full of bugs, it's insecure because out of those 130 vulns discovered, approximately 0 will get patched by the vendors.

Actually, this is not completely true. Large part of Android is now in APKs and system-related APKs get updated silently, unlike apps that require user to approve updates.

Comment For me, its going backwards (Score 1) 349

In 2003/2004 I used Linux desktop at my job. I used Redhat 8 and 9 with KDE. It was usable. Ten years later, default KDE on Ubuntu 14.04 is barely usable - too many annoying things. Plasma 5.3 looked promising, but "not there yet". Unity is at least stable, but completely unconfigurable and I *hate* window buttons being on right. Also, selecting a window from the panel is completely annoying as you have to click on the panel, and then to move mouse to select screen - complete waste of time. I now use Cinnamon, and it is ok, except that I had to tweak UI via changing CSS file, and that power off window does not show "ok" button, only "cancel". And I have problem setting Alt-Shift for changing keyboards. And probably many more things but I did not have a chance to notice them yet.

From my perspective it looks as if Linux desktop is going backwards. I believe that problem is that there is no big companies behind it, like it was Redhat it its days. Yes, there is Cannonical, but it seems more interesting in pushing their political agenda than in desktop itself.

Comment Simple solution (Score 5, Insightful) 284

As there is currently more visa applications than available visas, the solution can be very simple. Instead of lottery as it is done now, I would simply give visas to companies that plan to pay the highest salary. That would make companies to raise salaries if they really need applicants. That would also solve problems with definition of "prevailing wage" etc.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 320

As a citizen of Serbia, I can confirm you that economic prosperity won't prevent countries from going to war. EU is much more than economy and it is fundamental to long-term peace in Europe. What I recall was when former Yugoslavia has just solved most of the economic problems it had in 80's, and new wealth *did not* prevent its constituent republics to go to extremely bloody war. You have no idea how easily you can fool people.

Comment Re: Problem with Samsung ... (Score 1) 80

I stand corrected. But I think that you still overvalue Apple's creativity regarding iPods. From my point of view, the real thing was how Apple has changed digital music selling model. iPod, no matter that it was sold in millions, was not revolutionary in any way. It was just the same thing made slightly better. Even that is doubtful - my cousin had two iPods replaced; my friend got hers shipped with Windows virus ( If MS would do something like that it would be at cover page of NY Times, as it was Apple, it was not even a news.

Comment Re:Obligatory reading (Score 1) 419

It's amazing how much time and effort goes into scaring people about nuclear disasters instead of coming up with safe and reliable reactor and educating people about radiation.

The worst thing is that we are now practically forbidden to install new models of reactors. As a result, we continue operating old type of reactors way longer than they should have been used. Also, we continue to use coal. And it is the worst possible coal, that is full of heavy metals and it spreads way more radioactive material than proper nuclear plant (which emits none).

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