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Comment: Re:These idiots are going to ruin it for everyone (Score 1) 132

by saider (#48377049) Attached to: Drone Sightings Near Other Aircraft Up Dramatically

Birds have an instinct for survival and will move away from the helicopter.

Somebody flying a drone and looking through the camera at the fire/police chase/topless neighbor/whatever, will probably not be paying attention to the airspace around them.

Heck, if you go out to the flying field, people crash into each other all the time, and that is when they are paying attention!

Comment: Re:No use/threat...right now (Score 2) 490

Most of these studies focus on implementing a semi-automatic. Here the problem is going to be the higher case pressures of modern ammunition. If they made a 3D gun to an older spec (e.g. 45 Colt revolver cartridge instead of 45 ACP) they would probably have better results.

Comment: Re:Also time to stop (Score 2) 479

by saider (#46448623) Attached to: Author Says It's Time To Stop Glorifying Hackers

"Timothy McGee" (NCIS), that occasionally needs to hack something to save a life

The fact that a law enforcement agent breaks the law during the course of their duties should be cause for concern. We have the 4th amendment for a reason. You cannot make an action permissible for one person, while making it illegal for another. That sets up all kinds of trouble.

Besides, he is rarely saving lives with his actions. The hacking is usually done to catch the perpetrator after the fact as a deus ex machina to move the plot along.

Comment: Re: Test scores (Score 2, Interesting) 715

by saider (#45941079) Attached to: How Good Are Charter Schools For the Public School System?

Then teach them how to write or modify their own games or bake their own pizza. Use a game engine and have them mess around with the physics model. Have them learn some game design/simulation concepts. Learn the chemistry of baking and maybe some small business skills. Put them in the kitchen and see if they can cook better food than the staff.

There is plenty of opportunity to teach "lazy gamers". Almost all of them want to change something about their favorite game, but our system just tells them to recite the Pythagorean Theorem. No wonder they want to drop out and play video games.

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