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Comment: Re:Damn it, must I do everything? (Score 1) 46

by sadness203 (#46900671) Attached to: Astronomers Calculate How To Spot Life On an Alien Earth
Except it's way easier to search for Water and oxygen than Chlorophyll.

Suppose it take 5 unit of time to confirm if there's oxygen
Then it take 5 unit of time to confirm if there's water vapor.
And then it take 100 unit of time to confirm if there's Chlorophyll.

You can analyze 10-20 candidates instead of just one.

And like somebody else said, Chlorophyll is one candidate, in other conditions, another chemical could be used.

Comment: There's still some hope. (Score 3, Interesting) 111

by sadness203 (#38943593) Attached to: Central Europe Countries Continue to Oppose ACTA
Maybe one day, we'll look back and laugh at all these garbage laws that some odd fellow were trying to pass to "protect" some intellectual property. Maybe one day a good law will be passed, one made not for corporation, but for the people and innovation.

I doubt I'll see that. Yet, I can still hope.

"Never ascribe to malice that which is caused by greed and ignorance." -- Cal Keegan