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Comment Motif GUI (Score 1) 348

I remember the first time i ever started gimp. It was on this OSS CD i bought (because back then, you bought your OSS software on CD because downloading was to expensive and would take to much time).
It was even worse then MS Paint, it had this Motif GUI and looked horrible, it also couldn't do much, i didn't leave it installed on my system.
Second time i tried it, there was no need anymore to buy a CD and it was included in the distro. Motif was replace by the Gimp ToolKit and Gimp itself was able to do already some nifty stuff.

Comment wii & linux (Score 1) 370

I don't know how old your kids are, but Fallout 4 is a pretty adult game, if they are old enough to play that they can save up the money to buy a ps4 themself.
Sure i used to play games rated above my age, but the worst we had in my day was mortal kombat and at that time i already was well into my teens.

My kids, they really really enjoy all that nintendo stuff. The wii is still getting a lot of playtime, sure they would like a wii u, but i don't have the spare money to spend. They are saving up for a 3 or 2DS themself, but they also still love to play in the normal DS.

Now, since you are a linux guy and you have an aging gaming pc, why not replace it with a steambox, or better build one yourself (just add the steam controller to complete the expirience). A gaming pc on-par gaming with a ps4 is cheaper to build.

Comment linux gaming = infancy (Score 1) 184

Linux gaming is in it's infancy, but in a short time things have already improved a lot.
I remember a time when windows was starting to get games, and performance was just horrible. Together with my friends we just laughed about the idea of windows as a viable gaming platform, it couldn't even touch DOS. Look at where we are now.

Comment cha-cha-changes (Score 1) 367

I'm more worried about changes to games through patches.
You read a review of a one year old game, because it's much cheaper to buy now, but because of the immense amount of patches and features added/removed the game has changed a lot form the inital reviewed game. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Comment Normal way of doing things (Score 1) 213

Ian must have never worked for a big company, it's their normal way of working.
I see it here each time there is an issue with some piece of enterprise software, the phone is picked up, the account manager is called and threatened.
If you talk about OSS, the first question you get is - who do we call when it doesn't work. As long as you can say there is a support structure behind it, they panic goes away. Support mostly means that you have somebody to yell at, because the actual support part is in most cases not that great (with any vendor).

Comment Re:Don't get it (Score 1) 51

Qualified electricial engineers who were working within some of the world's largest companies in 1991 (when I was barely in secondary school?). They'd be about 60-something by now. Probably retired. Certainly not in the "social media" generation, in any large way. And probably still subject to NDA's.

6 degrees of seperation should enable you to find these people quickly. somebody always knows somebody who knows somebody that was involved in something.

Comment Re:Change the interface! (Score 1) 262

I agree with this.

Was a heavy OS2 Warp user at the time because i had a multinode BBS and it basically the best OS you could have for this kind of environment. There was also DesqView, but that didn't work as well as OS2.

That said, the GUI was horrible, just horrible. I never could quite understand why people keep on going on about the wonderful OS2 GUI. It really wasn't. In fact at the time, a lot of other sysops who also ran OS2 just disabled the whole graphical environment (to save memory, but also because it was not very good).

Comment imdb wanted to be slashdot (Score 1) 59

must be getting old.
i remember a post on /. (long ago) where the imdb founder said in an interview that he would love to have a site like slashdot. not so sure that he still feels this way now though.

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