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Comment Door question (Score 1) 323

officially unveiled its Model X SUV

A much more fortunate choice than "Model V SUX" would have been.

But seriously: I hope it's viable to open those rear doors when parked a typical distance from an adjacent car in a parking lot.

Comment Why won't it read? (Score 1) 108

"The crudely-planned app features an extraordinarily demanding privacy/functionality swap at install, and proceeds to demand a $500 'FBI fine' via PayPal, rather than any of the cryptocurrencies which most ransomware authors currently favour."

If only more people were in the habit of reading EULAs before using an app, this kind of thing wouldn't be so prevalent.

Comment Re:No Trust (Score 1) 153

Yes, because now *everyone* listening at any stage of the transmission is privy to conversations in your home. Your ISP, for example. Your neighbor with whom you share a router, or someone who takes the trouble to crack your WEP (assuming you have encryption on your network, some people are still not that sophisticated).

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