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Comment Re:Good luck ... (Score 1) 255

I'll mostly leave my wifi off

Good practice, since (for example) a given grocery store can start correlating your media access address with your presence, even if they don't (initially) know your identity. Ditto anyone scanning for wifi pings on the highway.

So here's an elaboration on keeping wifi mostly off: I have an event managing app (in my case, Llama, there are others) that I've configured to shut off wifi every time I disconnect from any network. I manually re-enable whenever I get to my destination (e.g. home); for whatever reasons, it's easier for me to remember to re-enable as I start using some service at home than it is for me to remember to disable as I leave a given location.

I could tell my automator (Llama) to re-enable wifi when I my location gets close to work or home, but locating precisely enough to not turn on wifi at the supermarket near my house requires more battery than I like.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 503

If the mother really believed in the condition, why wasn't she home schooling the daughter

This is really NOT a fair point. Regardless of whether the mom was a kook or not, home schooling has huge impacts in the time, money, and socializing domains. There've been times I hated the public school system, and might I add for very good reason... did I home school my kids? No, I've got a job to do and besides I wanted my kids to gain the socialization that comes from being in school. Does that mean I didn't sincerely believe my critiques of the school system? No.

Comment Door question (Score 1) 323

officially unveiled its Model X SUV

A much more fortunate choice than "Model V SUX" would have been.

But seriously: I hope it's viable to open those rear doors when parked a typical distance from an adjacent car in a parking lot.

Comment Why won't it read? (Score 1) 108

"The crudely-planned app features an extraordinarily demanding privacy/functionality swap at install, and proceeds to demand a $500 'FBI fine' via PayPal, rather than any of the cryptocurrencies which most ransomware authors currently favour."

If only more people were in the habit of reading EULAs before using an app, this kind of thing wouldn't be so prevalent.

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