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+ - Survive the Slashdot effect->

Submitted by
mpawlo writes "The web based load tester Load Impact has released a free version of its load tester. Now you can run tests if your web site will survive a mention on Slashdot with 50 000 users rushing into your web site out of nowhere... It is also possible to script user scenarios and do realtime testing, but those services are paid services."
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Data Storage

+ - Data for the Future

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I am working on a personal project of mine and I have been doing most of this work on my computer and online. Even though I have physical copies of the more important things (that is how I received them, so I digitized them myself) Sometimes I worry. Not about data failure, I have backups in 4 places (Web-server, PC, File Server, USB), this is about making sure that this data is usable to future generations. With the fast pace of software and technology advancements I fear that come a few years I may have to be switching platforms just so this data can remain accessible and easily available. What are the options to make sure that all this important information that we have now can remain available to future generations?"

+ - Nine successful, effective IT project tips->

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "Most often when the watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office are called into to check out an agency, process or project they are looking for something that has gone wrong. This week, however the group took a look at some government IT projects that have gone right and came up with some best practices other government agencies or in public corporations could emulate to achieve success in their own IT projects."
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+ - ShootPaul. No, really. Just log in and shoot him.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Turns out someone in Saint Louis, Missouri is toting an online, interactive game (much like a live FPS) where you can shoot someone with paintballs in an enclosed room. Yes, an actual person, actual paintballs. Send them some Epson Salt and let it rip."
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Comment: Power Supply/Small BJT Amplifier (Score 2, Insightful) 364

by sabrex15 (#28711579) Attached to: Low-Budget Electronics Projects For High School?
How about a power supply they can use to charge their small devices? All you need for a basic power supply are a transformer, some diodes, resistors and capacitors. Or a small voltage divider bias BJT amplifier? a couple capacitors, an NPN transistor, and some resistors. Could be used to amplify music coming from an iPod and show the principals of amplification.

Scientists Discover Proteins Controlling Evolution 436

Posted by samzenpus
from the let-the-flamewar-begin dept.
Khemisty writes "Evolutionary changes are supposed to take place gradually and randomly, under pressure from natural selection. But a team of Princeton scientists investigating a group of proteins that help cells burn energy stumbled across evidence that this is not how evolution works. In fact, their discovery could revolutionize the way we understand evolutionary processes. They have evidence that organisms actually have the ability to control their own evolution."

+ - Why is autorun always selected??

Submitted by
sabrex15 writes "After numerous encounters with various installation routines within Windows, why do so many applications prefer to automatically be started with the system, when its function does not require that option?"

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