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Comment: Re:What the problem with Gmail? (Score 1) 489

by sYkSh0n3 (#25169489) Attached to: Good Email For Kids?

Why not set the gmail account up in thunderbird and then use a whitelist. Don't give them the password to the account so they can't access it through the site and see any spam that is coming through. That should take care of it. Just be sure not to whitelist their own account, i've noticed the spam that does get through on my email accounts appears to be from me.


+ - How to stop top 100 Google results being sellers?

Submitted by
Architect writes "Google use to be about searching for information. Now, google is about searching for organizations selling products.

I can't enter search items and find any informative help anymore, instead the first results are always organizations selling something related to all items in the search box...

Does anyone know a way to tell the Google search that I am not buying? How do you tell Google to stop returning results from people selling products? "-buy -purchase" etc doesn't seem to work.

Thank you"

+ - XM subscribers backlash since shock jock suspensio

Submitted by
Sirius Uplink
Sirius Uplink writes "Ever since Opie and Anthony were suspended for 30 days by XM, people are canceling and smashing their XM radios to protest the recent suspension. The topic that had them suspended was about a homeless man "raping" the Secretary of State. Other sites such as People Against Censorship are going further by staging protests outside of their studios in support."
User Journal

Journal: Unemployment....sigh

Journal by sYkSh0n3
So I work in a call center that is shutting down and moving volume overseas. The decision to move volume was the clients, the decision to close was corp.'s. For the last 4 years I have worked here providing support for what is most likely my least favorite (and most of /.'s) company in the world. The big evil. Feburary 9th we got our notice. In four days, on April 9th, I'll be out of a job.

Don't be irreplaceable, if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.