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The Robots That Will Put Coders Out of Work 266

Posted by timothy
from the uber-drivers-will-be-replaced-by-robots-oh-wait dept.
snydeq writes Researchers warn that a glut of code is coming that will depress wages and turn coders into Uber drivers, InfoWorld reports. "The researchers — Boston University's Seth Benzell, Laurence Kotlikoff, and Guillermo LaGarda, and Columbia University's Jeffrey Sachs — aren't predicting some silly, Terminator-like robot apocalypse. What they are saying is that our economy is entering a new type of boom-and-bust cycle that accelerates the production of new products and new code so rapidly that supply outstrips demand. The solution to that shortage will be to figure out how not to need those hard-to-find human experts. In fact, it's already happening in some areas."

Comment: Re:I hope they dont put toby as the next spider ma (Score 1) 98

by s1d3track3D (#49027397) Attached to: Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Sir, I know Peter Parker and Tobey Maguire was no Peter Parker...

Sorry, I'm old, Tobey Maguire should not have been cast as Spider Man, and Dunst should not have been Mary Jane. Do you remember how hot Mary Jane was in the comic? Dunst? no thanks... And performances? not convincing... believability and appearance are part of performance. Some actors define a role and make it almost impossible to be replaced, say like Jackman as Wolverine for instance, this is good casting, believability and good acting/performance

I much prefered and thought Garfield and Stone were better casted and more believable. but apparently Garfield is out for this reboot, oh well...

Comment: Re:Idiots... (Score 1) 422

by s1d3track3D (#48993443) Attached to: What Happened To the Photography Industry In 2014?
Great points!

Quantity is making quality less important

This and most of what you said could be applied to the music space as well.
These (music and photography) are two of the most recent skilled professions to become obsolete, just wait until they have perfected the affordable consumer edition 3d printer... professions will disappear quicker than do-do birds...

The Internet

Big Telecoms Strangling Municipal Broadband, FCC Intervention May Provide Relief 204

Posted by Soulskill
from the i'll-take-some-of-that-gigabit-municipal-fiber-please dept.
MojoKid writes: With limited choice and often dismal upstream speeds, it's no wonder many people are excited to hear that newcomers like Google Fiber are expanding super-fast gigabit internet across the country. But some Americans also have access to other high-speed fiber internet options that compete with the big guys like Comcast and Time Warner Cable: municipal internet. In the case of the small town of Wilson, NC, town officials first approached Time Warner Cable and Embarq, requesting faster Internet access for their residents and businesses. Both companies, likely not seeing a need to "waste" resources on a town of just 47,000 residents, rebuffed their demands. So what did Wilson do? It spent $28 million dollars to build its own high-speed Internet network, Greenlight, for its residents, offering faster speeds and lower prices than what the big guys could offer. And wouldn't you know it; that finally got the big telecoms to respond.

However, the response wasn't to build-out infrastructure in Wilson or compete on price; it was to try and kill municipal broadband efforts altogether in NC, citing unfair competition. NC's governor at the time, Bev Perdue, had the opportunity to veto the House bill that was introduced, but instead allowed it to become law. However, a new report indicates that the FCC is prepared to side with these smaller towns that ran into roadblocks deploying and maintaining their own high-speed Internet networks. The two towns in question include aforementioned Wilson, and Chattanooga, TN. Action by the FCC would effectively strike down the laws — like those that strangle Greenlight in Wilson — which prevent cities from undercutting established players on price.
The FCC is also expected to propose regulating internet service as a utility later this week.

Comment: Re:Visualization (Score 1) 175

by s1d3track3D (#48942597) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Engage 5th-8th Graders In Computing?
Good advice.
I'd add Scratch to this list (
I'm not sure if they can all get a working laptop? maybe team up with a local linux group to provide old low cost or refurbished laptops running linux? install scratch (free) challenge them to build something that interests them
The key is capitalizing/capturing their interest. good luck.

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