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Journal Journal: OpenSocial apps out of sandbox on Orkut in India

OpenSocial (Google's reply to Facebook apps), which was launched with much fanfare in late 2007 finally launched for the general users on Orkut in India last week. The initial launch hype watered down considerably over the last 6 months due to a rather long 'sandbox' testing phase consisting of a limited number of users.
As of now, 24 applications are listed in the 'app directory', consisting of Facebook biggies like Flixster, ilike/iread etc and several India specific apps.
Adoption numbers are low at the moment, with only about 2-3 % of my 200+ friends shown as having added apps in the newsfeed(another borrow from Facebook, though it seems to be showing friend's updates instantly unlike Facebook which does a 'sweep' over a period of time).

Journal Journal: Psychologist shining over math wizards for Netflix prize

A British psychologist (also having a masters in Operations Research) has suddenly risen to the top of the Netflix prize charts. With his very first attempt, he got a score which took the BellKor team seven months to reach. Currently at a score of 8.07, he has only five teams ahead of him now. Read the full article here-

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